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Axis & Allies and other classic Avalon Hill board games will soon have a new publisher

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Hasbro will license classic strategy games like Axis & Allies to third party publisher Renegade Games Studios. The Rhode Island-based game and toy manufacturer made the announcement on Thursday, just a few days after CEO Chris Cocks told investors that it would focus on “fewer, bigger, and more profitable brands” going forward. Also included in the licensing agreement are Diplomacy, Squad Leader, and Robo Rally.

“Starting in 2023 Renegade is working with Hasbro on plans to produce all versions of these brands for the hobby, mass and specialty markets,” Renegade said in a news release. “The plans include a brand new site for Axis & Allies, along with a world championship, and fan involvement in selecting new themes to add to the line. Fans will also see new printings of staples for the line as well as the return of some long out of print editions.”

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A lone soldier from the United Kingdom, surrounded by zombies on the beaches of Normandy in Axis & Allies & Zombies.

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Axis & Allies & Zombies
Charlie Hall/Polygon

These four brands in particular represent some of the oldest franchises in the Avalon Hill stable. Diplomacy, the free-form grand strategy game, was first published in 1959, making it the oldest of the bunch. But Axis & Allies, first published in 1981, is likely the most popular of the four titles. Renegade is leaning into that popularity with a planned world championship, according to the news release. Axis & Allies has spawned many variants over the years, including 2018’s Axis & Allies & Zombies which augmented the classic World War II strategy game with the undead.

Meanwhile, Avalon Hill is working hard to reinvigorate other, somewhat newer brands including Heroscape (2004) and HeroQuest (1989).

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