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Bayonetta Switch physical edition delayed in UK and Europe

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The Bayonetta physical edition on Switch will now be released “in the first half of October” in the UK, exclusively via the My Nintendo Store.

The game was originally set for release today, but this news has been tweeted out by Nintendo UK and its European counterparts.

“We are now aiming to release the physical edition of Bayonetta in the first half of October, exclusively on My Nintendo Store,” it reads. “Please stay tuned for more info. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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Bayonetta 3 – Nintendo Direct 9.13.22 – Nintendo Switch

To clarify, this is the physical edition of the first Bayonetta game, which was originally released on Switch as a digital download alongside Bayonetta 2.

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Bayonetta 3 remains due for release globally on 28th October.

This news has been met with criticism by fans.

As one tweet points out, the physical version isn’t available to pre-order on the My Nintendo Store so stock requirements are unknown. Others would prefer the choice of other retailers.

The news follows disappointment with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Its Collector’s Edition was delayed until after the game’s release due to “unforeseen logistical challenges”.

Pre-orders for the contents of the Collector’s Edition, without the game, were expected to open in September but this still hasn’t happened.

The Switch Nintendo 64 controller also remains out of stock.

We’ve contacted Nintendo for more.

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