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Bloober's Silent Hill 2 remake is official, and a timed PS5 console exclusive

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After what feels like an eternity of leaks, Konami has officially revived its long-dormant Silent Hill series with a flurry of activity, starting with remake of horror masterpiece Silent Hill 2, which is being developed by Bloober Team for PC and PS5 as a timed console exclusive.

Bloober Team – the studio behind the likes of The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Observer – has been rumoured to be involved in a Silent Hill revival as far back as June last year, when it announced a partnership with Konami to create a new game. Rumours that the project would be a Silent Hill 2 remake began to coalesce following a series of leaks earlier this year.

Now, though, Konami and Bloober Team have made things official, revealing the remake during a busy Silent-Hill-focused livestream in a two-and-a-half minute trailer. Here, we were shown some iconic Silent Hill 2 moments given a new-gen visual overhaul – extending to a slightly dubious makeover for protagonist James Sunderland, who now looks a little like Alan Wake’s unpopular brother.

Silent Hill 2 – Teaser Trailer.
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Following confirmation that the Silent Hill remake will release simultaneously on PS5 and PC, with all other consoles missing out thanks to a 12-month console exclusivity period for Sony, Konami then ushered in a few key members of the new development team to discuss the project in more detail. Joining Bloober are concept artist Masahiro Ito – who served as art director on the original Silent Hill 2 – and Akira Yamaoka who returns to work on the remake’s soundtrack, which he said will feature a “new musical style” this time around.

Several members of Bloober also put in an appearance during a short video sequence, explaining the studio is approaching the remake with a “great deal of respect” for the original Silent Hill 2. This will include “keeping [the] unique Silent Hill atmosphere intact”, with the goal being to create a game that will “make the same strong impression today as it did 21 years ago”.

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However, it also detailed some of the changes it’s making in order to meet what it called players’ evolving expectations, including an over-the-shoulder camera. Ultimately it says it wants to “recreate everything what made the game a timeless classic, but to give it a new form which will draw players even deeper into the foggy streets of Silent Hill.”

There’s no release date for the Silent Hill 2 remake just yet, but it’ll be coming to PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam at some unknown future time.

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