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Catan is heading to PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2023

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The classic board game Catan is on its way to consoles in 2023.

This isn’t the first time it’s been adapted into a video game, but this new version is set for release across Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

It’s coming courtesy of Asmodee Entertainment and Dovetail Games, the former being responsible for a number of board game adaptations and the latter developing the likes of Train Sim World 2020.

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CATAN – Console Edition | Announcement Trailer

As the new trailer above shows, Catan will feature a board game that comes to life and will be playable with friends online and locally.

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And as an Xbox Wire post notes, this console edition will feature unlockable in-game cosmetics and rewards to customise the game.

It will also harness the power of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to offer 60fps in 4k, as well as haptic feedback on PS5.

Catan is already available on Switch, although it offers a more straightforward board game experience. Its online multiplayer was recently switched off due to an issue with servers.

For the unaware, Catan is a strategy board game in which players race across a hexagonal board to mark territory and collect resources, barter with other players, and win control of the map by building settlements.

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