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Cory Barlog says it's "stupid" fans have to "dodge" God of War: Ragnarök spoilers online

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Sony Santa Monica’s Cory Barlog has apologised that fans have to “dodge the spoilers” after retailers broke the “street date” for its highly-anticipated sequel, God of War Ragnarök.

Sony’s exclusive is out on 9th November, but it seems players have got their hands on it early and are sharing screenshots online, as well as spoilers about the game’s key story beats.

God of War Complete Story Recap Part 1 – GOD OF WAR LORE.

“You know, right now, I can really understand the benefit of having just an installer on the physical disc. smh”, Barlog tweeted overnight.

“A retailer selling the game nearly TWO WEEKS before release. Just so disappointing.

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“Sorry to everyone that you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game fresh,” Barlog added in a subsequent tweet. “Completely fucking stupid you have to do this. This is not at all how any of us at [Sony Santa Monica] wanted things to go.”

Barlog’s comments come just days after spoilers for Ragnarök began surfacing online.

“Is there a more God of War place than Svartalfheim?” we said in our God of War Ragnarok preview. “Certainly not from what I’ve seen so far.

“I’ve played just a few hours of God of War Ragnarök, much of the rest remaining chained up and locked down under embargoes (and I suspect you wouldn’t want me spoiling them anyway). But I can talk quite freely about this place, and I’d love nothing more.”

Just ahead of its release last week, the developers of A Plague Tale: Requiem had to warn of spoilers online, as did Gotham Knights’ executive producer when the game’s artbook surfaced online.

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