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Cyber Monday 2021 gaming deals

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Several retailers are running Cyber Monday 2021 gaming deals right on the heels of their Black Friday discounts. While there weren’t many big gaming deals to look forward to this year with the ongoing console shortages, there were still some discounts to be found last week.

Below we’ve compiled the best Cyber Monday 2021 gaming deals from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and Target. You’ll find deals on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X in our guide. We’ll also share some of the best Cyber Monday discounts we could find on gaming monitors, gaming TVs, and PC gaming deals.

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Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals

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A photo of the new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) in white on a wooden table

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Photo: Nintendo

Even though Nintendo games hardly go on sale, you can find several discounts on games from multiple retailers this year. Finding a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED may prove more difficult, but as long as you’re looking for deals on Switch games and accessories, you can still find some discounts worth shopping for on Cyber Monday.

Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED consoles

If you’re looking to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED, that may be hard during Cyber Monday. However, we’ve been tracking Nintendo Switch restock updates for the past few weeks. Below are links to retailers and the most recent time they’ve announced a Nintendo Switch OLED restock.

Nintendo Switch games

Just about every retailer has a small assortment of games with Cyber Monday discount prices. Be sure to check out every retailer to see if they have a deal on the games you’re looking for.

Nintendo Switch accessories

There weren’t many deals on our favorite Nintendo Switch accessories on Cyber Monday, but if you’re looking for microSD cards, you’re in luck.

Black Friday PS5 deals

ps5 hardware console

Image: PlayStation/Twitch

It hasn’t become any easier to get a PlayStation 5 console this year. However, if you already own the console or need gifts for someone who does, you’ll still find some good PS5 Cyber Monday deals out there.

PlayStation 5 console

While you may not be able to find the PS5 anywhere in stock today, you can refer to our PS5 store restock list to keep track of the last time most retailers have had the system for sale. For the most up-to-date information on when you might be able to buy this system, check out our PS5 store restock tracker guide.

PlayStation 5 games

Several retailers have game deals on games for both the last-gen and current-gen consoles from Sony.

PlayStation 5 accessories

If you haven’t extended your PlayStation Plus membership recently or need a larger hard drive, now might be the best time to get deals on both.

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals

Xbox Series X video game console photographed on a dark gray background

Photo: Henry Hargreaves for Polygon

The Xbox Series X has also been hard to come by this year. Thankfully, there are still plenty of Cyber Monday deals for the console’s games and accessories worth picking up today.

Xbox Series X consoles

Our Xbox Series X store restock list has been one of the easiest ways of knowing when Microsoft’s console has been available for purchase. While you might not be able to buy the system on Cyber Monday, you can at least keep track of the last time most retailers had the Xbox Series X for sale.

Xbox Series X games

If you want gaming discounts on Xbox Series X games on Cyber Monday, then you’re in luck. Several retailers have games with discounts, including Amazon with multiple sets of deals.

Xbox Series X accessories

Some of the best accessory deals you’ll find for the Xbox Series X on Cyber Monday are for the system’s first-party controllers. The standard gamepad and the Elite Series 2 are discounted today.

Black Friday 2021 PC gaming deals deals

A product shot of the Razer Blade laptop

Image: Razer

Some of the most common online retailers don’t focus too heavily on Cyber Monday gaming deals, but there are still some discounts to be found whether you’re looking for an affordable gaming laptop or PC gaming accessories.

Gaming PCs and gaming laptops

One online retailer that has some decent Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals is GameStop, with three great options for affordable, discounted laptops.

PC accessories

If you’re looking for Cyber Monday PC gaming deals and you’re a streamer, you’ll find some deals that can help upgrade your broadcasts.

Gaming TVs and gaming monitors

Some of the best gaming monitors and TVs offer features like 4K displays, HDR, and high refresh rates. Below are some of the best deals we found for displays that will make your games crisp and smooth.

Gaming monitor & TV deals

ITEM Sale Price Discount Retailer
ITEM Sale Price Discount Retailer
LG OLED C1 55″ 4K Smart TV $1,296.99 $203 Amazon
LG OLED C1 55″ 4K Smart TV $1,299.00 $200 Best Buy
LG OLED C1 65″ 4K Smart TV $1,796.99 $703 Amazon
LG OLED C1 65″ 4K Smart TV $1,799.00 $300 Best Buy
Roku Streaming Stick 4K HDR $49.99 $21 Amazon
Samsung 27″ 240Hz curved gaming monitor $499.00 $200 GameStop
Samsung 32″ 240Hz curved gaming monitor $599.00 $200 GameStop
Samsung 49″ 240Hz curved gaming monitor $999.00 $600 GameStop
Samsung 50″ 4K Smart TV $897.99 $302 Amazon
Samsung 65″ 4K Smart TV $1,199.00 $200 Best Buy
Samsung 75″ 4K Smart TV $1,697.99 $1,002 Amazon
Samsung 75″ 4K Smart TV $1,499.00 $600 Best Buy
Sony 65″ 4K Smart TV $1,198.00 $301 Amazon
Sony Bravia 65″ 4K Smart TV $1,199.00 $300 Best Buy
Sony Bravia 75″ 4K Smart TV $1,599.00 $500 Best Buy
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