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D&D: Honor Among Thieves has delivered a wave of new toys and game deals

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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves hits theaters on March 31, and it’s bringing with it a new lineup of toys and other collectibles, ranging from Funko Pops of the film to monster plushies. In time for the film’s release, Steam is also running a PC game sale on a wide range of classic Dungeons & Dragons titles until April 3rd.

You can find a whole array of Funko Pop figurines that are adorable modeled after characters from the movie, Six total, with a bonus Red Dragon jumbo pop figurine available exclusively at Walmart (it’s sold out now). Each figurine costs $12.99, and you can find them at GameStop and Amazon.

Dungeons & Dragons Funko Pops

dungeons and dragons plush

To be honest, I’ve never wanted to cuddle with a gelatinous cube, but Kidrobot’s lineup of totally adorable plush D&D monsters might change my mind. Some other cute creatures you can bring home include Displacer Beasts, Mimics, Griffons, and more.

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D&D Plush Mimic

Prices taken at the time of publication.

Plush Monstrosity (Luminescent), Neutral

dungeons and dragons figures

Hasbro recently announced a strong lineup of Golden Archive action figures, which are currently available for pre-order, including Xanathar the Beholder ($49.99), a Displacer Beast ($39.99), and a Brown Owlbear ( $44.99) are included. You’ll also find some new $13.99 distillings available for pre-order, like Owlbear and Mimic. What is a deselling? Well, it’s a big d20 that opens into a monster, or a small monster that folds into a d20, depending on how you look at it.

KidRobot also has a blind box set of 24 vinyl figurines for $14.99 each, which includes several other dungeon-dwelling friends like the Watcher, the Mind-Flayer, and more. You also have the option of buying 24 blind boxes for $374.99, but just note that this doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get double of some figures.

If you’re looking for some sweet toys inspired by the new movie, Hasbro already has $24.99 6-inch action figures available for Simon, Edgin, Forge, and Holga, who all come with their own accessories and movie- Come with the perfect costume.

dungeons and dragons video game deals

Of course, if toys aren’t your thing but you want to experience some classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures for PC, Steam is currently hosting a sale on nearly every game from the classic fantasy setting, allowing you to save up to 75% off. can save. Till 3rd April.

Image: Steam

Some of the exclusive titles in this sale include enhanced versions of Planescape: Torment, never winter Nights, icewind dale, And Baldur’s GateAll of which are available for $5.99 each instead of their usual $19.99.

If you’re in the mood for an old-school experience, you can also find classic, DOS-based entries from the D&D franchise such as Spelljammer: Pirates of RealmspaceAnd this black sun series

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