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Destiny 2 continues its tradition of absolutely unhinged plush monsters

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Bungie should be stopped.

on Friday destiny 2 developer announced via twitter It’s Now Taking Pre-Orders for a New Plush From the Universe destiny 2, But unlike 2021’s surprisingly adorable Fallen Hatchling plushies or even the Ghost plushies sold by the studio, the latest squishy friend to arrive on the Bungie store is an absolute nightmare.

This is the Scrib, now made of polyester instead of zombified flesh:

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A scribe from Destiny 2 stands on the plush side.  It is brown in colour, stands on 6 legs and is covered with blue furrows

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Image: Bungie

This toy is disgusting (not to be confused with the Abominable, a different, equally annoying enemy type in Destiny), it’s dangerous to look at, and it looks very soft. It’s also $30.

For those unfamiliar with Scribus, allow me to bring you up to speed. First added in 2018 leave expansion, the Scriabs are enemies belonging to a mutated/undead subfamily of the Fallen called the Skorn. The in-game versions have multiple arms (just like Plush), scary udders (just like Plush), and explode whenever they get too close to you (hopefully nothing like Plush).

These creeps are extremely nasty, adept at ruining innocent runs, and love crawling in dark corridors so they can blow you up and themselves. they are like creepers minecraft If vines were also spiders.

But, apparently, when you take one of those hideous devils and turn it into a plushie, it looks almost obnoxiously cute; even if it looks like a tiny airbag, or Randy wearing his puffy coat a christmas story,

Still, what the Bungie mercenary team could potentially turn into a furry friend for you to give to a small child is the case, but they certainly managed to choose one of the most annoying foes out there. Here’s hoping The Witness – the big bad of the series who is a group of spirits from a long-dead race, spews smoke from faces that follow it, and vaguely resembles Megamind – Not next in line for plush treatment.

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