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Diablo 4 pre-order guide

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diablo 4The open beta is almost upon us, and pre-ordering the game is the easiest way to gain access. However, there are several different versions that give you access to a number of bonus items, ranging from cosmetics to early access to the game ahead of its June 6 release.

All pre-orders for the game give you early access to the open beta which starts on March 17th and runs through March 20th. However, it is worth noting that diablo 4 The beta will be made available to everyone from March 24, with access till March 27.

If you’re curious what each version gets you and where to get them, stick around and listen (or rather read) for a while.

Diablo 4 Standard Edition

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standard version of diablo 4 Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop and in both physical and digital formats for PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition also gives you access to the following cosmetic items.

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Standard Edition gets access to the open beta and a handful of cosmetic items
Image: Activision / Blizzard

diablo 4 deluxe edition

The Deluxe Edition, which costs $89.99, is available digitally only through the Microsoft and PlayStation Stores or The slightly improved version of the game gives you access to everything included in the standard edition, in addition to a couple of additional cosmetic items.

  • temptation in mount diablo 4
  • Helborn Carapace Mount Armor Inn diablo 4

Getting the dope new mount is great, but opting for the deluxe edition also unlocks diablo 4s Season Battle Pass and allows you access to the full game up to four days before its actual release.

The deluxe edition also features an exclusive mount and mount armor set
Image: Activision / Blizzard

diablo 4 ultimate edition

Like the deluxe edition, the final version of diablo 4 Available digitally only through, and PlayStation or Microsoft Stores, but it costs $99.99.

Scooping up this top-tier version of the game gets you everything included in previous versions, including access to the game up to four days before its official release, but also allows you to skip 20 levels in the Battle Pass Gives, and you get an exclusive “Wings of the Creator” quote diablo 4,

Owners of the Ultimate Edition get all the cosmetic items at the lower levels, but also get the chance to skip the first 20 levels in the Battle Pass.
Image: Activision / Blizzard

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