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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a free character creator available now

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a free character creator you can download now ahead of the game’s release.

Developed by Gameloft, it’s a free-to-play Disney farming sim that has players harvesting crops and meeting a variety of Disney characters.

The character creator is available on Steam and Epic and gives players a chance to fiddle around with their own character. Kingdom Hearts fans will surely be happy.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Gameplay Overview Trailer

I was keen to give the character creator a go to see for myself how far it can be pushed. And while I can’t speak for everyone, I am impressed with the diversity on offer.

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Firstly, players choose between two body types and from there nothing is gender locked.

It’s all choosing from pre-determined options (though there are sliders for certain opacities), but a variety of body sizes and shapes are available, as well as a range of skin tones. There are even multiple options for vitiligo.

Disney Dreamlight Valley skin tones

There’s a wide variety of skin tones.

The hair is a little plasticky, but there are various styles to choose from, including Black hair styles. I’m a little disappointed by the lack of wacky hair colours and the beard options are a bit limited though.

Disney Dreamlight Valley hair styles

Styles are varied, if a bit plasticky.

Clothing is a variety of Disney costumes and workwear, with surely much more to be unlocked in the game proper. There are also numerous hijab and headscarf options in the clothing menus. And with a Touch of Magic, you can add your own designs too.

Disney Dreamlight Valley clothing

Perfect clothing for work on the farm.

Once made, you can then pose your creations in various themed rooms and save screenshots.

Of course, everyone comes off a bit Disneyfied, though that does at least provide consistency with the game world. Don’t expect to make any weird and wonderful creatures and abominations in this.

At the least, the representation here proves that everyone can become a Disney prince or princess – just not an evil witch, as much as I’d love to be Ursula.

Instead, here’s a (vaguely) realistic me with my new best mate Mickey, as well as me as some sort of ice witch.

Ed Disney realistic

What I kinda (don’t) look like.

Ed Disney ice witch

What I wish I looked like.

And also here’s Monkey Island superfan, Eurogamer’s Victoria Kennedy, as a pirate princess with her pet Ratatouille. Yarrr!

Guybrush could never.

You can test out the character creator yourself now on Steam and Epic. Disney Dreamlight Valley will be released on 6th September this year.

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