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EEK3 promises spooktacular announcement showcase of low-fi horror

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Yes, E3 was cancelled this year, but do not fear. Another show has appeared.

Rising from the grave of E3 is EEK3, an annual indie showcase organised by Haunted PS1.

As the name would suggest, Haunted PS1 is a community dedicated to indie games that are reviving the 90s era of gaming with weird and uncanny aesthetics. EEK3 in particular focuses on retro horror games and has a penchant for the low-fi, low-poly offerings its community brings.

EEK3 2022 submissions announcement video from Haunted PS1.
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Calls for submissions for this year’s livescream (noun, a livestream with plenty of scares) went out in March.

EEK3 2022 will be premiering on 19th August which, funnily enough, is a Fri(ght)day. Haunted PS1 posted an announcement trailer with the date on its Twitter account.

The previous EEK3 presentations are archived on Haunted PS1’s YouTube channel if you fancy going back and rewatching them.

Times for when the showcase starts haven’t been revealed yet, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for when they are announced. Until then, squeak you later…

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