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F1 23’s Braking Point sequel gets top billing, but F1 World could steal the show

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F 1 23 Just looks like one of those games that’s going to hold my breath all summer, for all the deep and immersive modes it offers to racing fans who want to live the glamorous and exciting life of the most exclusive motorsport, Top of the Singularity Challenge to drive your cars on the limits.

Codemasters and Electronic Arts are making a big push with the second (some might say third) chapter of the F1 series’ story mode – Breaking Point – but a discussion with creative director Lee Mather suggests there’s a lot more to come. Some will be available. F 1 23 Games to serve up the emerging narratives that video gamers crave.

They’re once done with the story of rivals Devon Butler and Aiden Jackson — now teammates who previously battled it out on separate mid-pack teams. f1 2021 , Fans will have an open-ended, all-new arena of F1 World that blends traditional single-player progression with multiplayer events in a way that draws inspiration from NBA 2K’s MyCareer-like modes, and even Seasons -based loot-shooter like Destiny 2Mather said.

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“The thought was, people would play my team,” Mather said, “the deep, multi-season car-and-career management mode.” “They will play into a driver’s career, they will come to a natural endpoint where you become world champion, and you probably don’t want to continue playing after that.

“But there’s great content in the game,” argued Mather, “we wanted to give players a reason to engage with it throughout the 12 months of the Formula 1 season.” and we wanted to find ways to connect those moments to what was happening [real-life] weather more effectively.

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f1 world, Then, there will be a means to progress through a set of challenges (with unlockable prizes) that are season-based and themed to current events, which can be either single-player or multiplayer challenges. Previous editions of the F1 series have been pretty muted as far as the multiplayer experience is concerned; There’s always ranked racing with leaderboards as well as private racing leagues, or open-ended pursuit of fastest laps in Time Trial mode.

F1 World will try to bring them all together with the goal of improving the player’s vehicle. This is an important distinction because multiplayer in the F1 series to date has, by default, consisted of a specific car – that is, one whose characteristics and performance are standard across all competitors. Formula 1 fans know that it doesn’t work like this in real life; F1 World will give them the chance to compete in the cars they are developing and upgrading, different from their competitors but still in a fair fight.

“As you are playing the mode, you will acquire resources which allow you to upgrade the car, the F1 World Car,” explained Mather. So it’s not just the cosmetics player unlocked with the Podium Pass that’s been in the game for three years now. “And with an F1 World Car, you will have a ‘tech level’ that opens up your ability to compete in more challenging events.”

Basically, it’ll gate the F1 world’s competition levels so that, again, players are building their own cars, but still pretty much match. Mather said, “This opens up the opportunity for players of different skill levels to compete by building their own cars,” as opposed to older models where the handling, aerodynamics, powertrain, and other features of a multiplayer car were all standard. competitors.

Given these balancing concerns, the F1 world is not something that can come together in a year; Mather said the mode has been in various stages of development. f1 2021 Shipped two years ago. F 1 22The introduction of supercars and a limited, lifestyle-like hub world plunged into a larger pool that the F1 world aspires to be.

Similarly, the second chapter of Breaking Point is an iterative phase, building on the earlier works. f1 2019 And F1 2021. It still makes use of the characters developed in the earlier career mode, especially Devon Butler, the affectionate heel who, somehow, is just understandable and relatable enough to remain the show’s biggest and most compelling star.

The fan response to Butler’s character has long impressed Mather, and the writing staff at Codemasters worked hard on him with Breaking Point 2, finding Butler the perfect basis for a soap opera storyline based on real-life characters. That’s what makes Formula 1 so delicious. Here, he’s the top driver for a fictional team called Konersport – but it’s clear he’s in that seat because he brings in the money (Butler’s management organization is a sponsor on the vehicle). Those drivers are deeply resented in the ongoing narrative of real-life Formula 1 racing.

“You see the risk we get [the Netflix documentary] drive to surviveand the things that move, you think, wow, i never thought there was a soap opera like that behind the scenesMather said. “There’s so many things we can eat. The game really feeds the narrative that we’re trying to build, filling it with moments where people will go, well this is very familiar,

But Breaking Point 2 will push the edges of F1’s ongoing narrative, not only in what would be delightful—if two blood enemies raced for the same team, but also in the debut of Kelly Mayer, a fictional Formula 2 driver who bridges that divide. is breaking and threatening the jobs of Butler and his comrades. Mayer’s experience in Breaking Point 2 is informed by real-life Grand Prix driver Jamie Chadwick, who was the first Series W champion in 2019 and is currently a test driver for the Williams F1 team.

“We were already discussing with Jamie about many things; We already had a kind of set in our mind, that it was a story choice,” said Mather, meaning the introduction of a female driver to F1 (who would be the first woman to start a Formula 1 race since Lella. Lombardi in 1976). “And then it was a natural conversation; it was a case of, ‘Look, we’ve already been discussing a lot of things. Would you be interested in advising or contributing to this story? ?’”

The result, Mather says, is the kind of delightful what-if story that F1 fans do blue-sky in forums and social media all the time: What if this guy goes to this team? What if that F2 driver took part? Will this team give the first seat to the real SOB by taking so-and-so’s money? How do team orders work in that case? Mather said that Codemasters employees assigned to other parts of the game had delightful meetings with the writers hired to script Breaking Point 2 and create that mode.

“It still comes back to Devon for me,” Mather said with a huge smile. “That still makes me laugh, and I think it’s actually quite impressive, when you consider it’s a racing game about pressure and what’s happening in the world of Formula 1. ‘Chin up! ‘ And simple things like that. The things he says are so hurtful, you get away with it like, it really hurtsBut the way he says it, it’s so innocent.”

F 1 23 Launches on June 16 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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