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Final Fantasy 16's dog is named Torgal and could be a party member

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The first trailer for Final Fantasy 16 introduced lead characters Clive and Joshua, as well as a cute dog. Now, that dog has a name.

Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed to IGN that the dog is named Torgal and he may even be a party member.

“Well, let’s just say he’s more wolf than dog – and his name is ‘Torgal’,” said Yoshida. “As for him being a party member, you’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll have more info on parties soon.”

Final Fantasy 16 Awakening trailer.
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As Final Fantasy fan and streamer Aitai Kimochi notes, the etymology of the name could be Norse: ‘tor’ relates to Thor while ‘gal’ means protector.

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It’s a fitting name for a wolf and lines up with Yoshida’s claims the latest game in the series is inspired by European medieval fantasy.

To me, it all seems very Game of Thrones. But then, I know nothing Clive Snow.

Either way, Torgal joins a long line of Final Fantasy pups: from Renoa’s Angelo in Final Fantasy 8, to Rufus Shinra’s pet Dark Star in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Lunafreya’s Umbra and Pryna in Final Fantasy 15.

Yoshida has also confirmed that Clive will be joined by AI-driven party members in combat and the game won’t be open world.

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