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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth spans 2 discs on PS5 because, well, that’s Final Fantasy

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Also for Final Fantasy fans, there is news that final fantasy 7 reborn Shipping on two discs was tempting. Like, dang, are we really still This,

Well yes, even though the PlayStation 5 now uses 100 GB Blu-ray discs compared to the PlayStation 4’s 50 GB discs. This may mean that one is the data installation disc and the other is the play disc, meaning that it is always in the drive when the game is being played. That’s how plus-size games rolled out on the PS4.

We assume it is similar as it appears this will be the first PS5 game on two discs. (It doesn’t appear that the Xbox Series X has any multi-disc games, in case you were wondering.) They used to be fairly common, but the capacity of the media has been steadily increasing – and most players are buying and playing games online. K’s download – they are now rare enough to comment on.

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Indeed, Square Enix almost proud that the multi-disc tradition will continue Rebirth (Laying it out in the final title card). final fantasy 7 remake It was two discs when it launched on PlayStation 4 in 2020, and of course the original final fantasy 7 In 1997 there was a three-disorder.

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An animated GIF of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth logo and release date:

Image: Square Enix

This doesn’t necessarily foreshadow an utterly ridiculous download size for those who are no longer interested in collecting game cases. final fantasy 7 remake intergrade It was 81GB when it launched in 2021. it’s about half cyberpunk 2077, and it’s routinely dwarfed by annual game titles (to say nothing of Call of Duty’s indulgent size). But it does mean that PlayStation 5 fans with unexpanded storage will have to budget their space wisely for once. final fantasy 7 reborn Arrives early 2024.

We reached out to Square Enix representatives to see if we can get more insight. final fantasy 7 rebornThe size of, and why two discs are still ideal.

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