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Flower developer's Sky: Children of the Light headed to PlayStation

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Sky: Children of the Light, the most recent game from Flower and Journey developer thatgamecompany, will arrive on PlayStation in December.

The social adventure game is already available on mobile and Nintendo Switch, where it has racked up a combined 160m downloads across the iPhone App Store, Google Play and Switch eShop.

As with other platforms, this new PlayStation version will remain free-to-play and benefit from cross-platform play.

Sky: Children of the Light.
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“It is an epiphany slot machine,” Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan wrote in our Sky: Children of the Light hands-on. “Every few minutes the music swells, the light changes, the temples rise up and the world is transformed by my character’s presence.

“At its best it can change the tenor of a bus ride, as with my journey down that valley, skimming the sand, sliding between obstacles. At worst, it can be like eating your way through the world’s largest marshmallow.”

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