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Fortnite Cow Catchers: How to destroy road barriers using the Cow Catcher or Battle Bus

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Destroying road barriers using the Cow Catcher or Battle Bus is one of the Resistance challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

This challenge involves either finding a Battle Bus or modding a vehicle with a Cow Catcher, so you can then smash through the road barriers the IO have placed across the map.

First, however, you need to know how to get a Cow Catcher and the Battle Bus locations.

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Completing this challenge will reward you with 23k XP, which will help you unlock the new Battle Pass skins.

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How to find a Cow Catcher or Battle Bus in Fortnite

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Before you can start destroying road barriers, you first need to find either a Cow Catcher or a Battle Bus.

Cow Catchers appear as floor loot across the Fortnite map and can be randomly received from opening red toolboxes.

After finding a Cow Catcher, track down a vehicle and, when you find one you like, use the Cow Catcher on it. This will automatically mod the vehicle with the Cow Catcher, allowing you to complete this challenge by smashing through five road barriers while driving it.

There are currently two driveable Battle Buses on Fortnite map:

The Battle Bus locations in Fortnite.

The Battle Bus in Synapse Station can be found behind the large central building, while the one in Sanctuary is located on the southern end of the road running parallel with the beach.

Battle Buses work exactly like the other vehicles on the Fortnite map, with the expectation of the various extra seats you can sit in.

If the Battle Bus is your preferred vehicle for this challenge, we recommend taking the one in Sanctuary north to The Daily Bugle which contains a good number of road barriers.

Chapter 3 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include red and blue lines on the Fortnite map and Rebuilding quests, including finding and destroying a IO Build Jammer and recovering the missing Battle Bus Plans.

Meanwhile the Victory Crowns andcharacter collection have reset, while there is a new Victory Umbrella to find.

How to destroy road barriers using the Cow Catcher or Battle Bus in Fortnite

Once you’ve found a Battle Bus or modded a vehicle with the Cow Catcher in Fortnite, you need to destroy five road barriers.

Thankfully, road barriers are very easy to find since there are some dotted all around the map near, unsurprisingly, roads.

Road barriers can be found throughout the map.

If you are, however, having trouble finding some, we recommend heading to either The Daily Bugle, Titled Towers, the area surrounding the Command Centre or Coney Crosslands, including the former Seven Outpost south-west of this location. These areas have a heavy IO presence and, therefore, contain a good amount of road barrier which need destroying.

This challenge won’t take you very long, since you only need to destroy five road barriers, so you can enjoy the match or finishing the Character Collection!

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