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Free Sims 4 update adds new items ahead of wedding expansion

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A free update for The Sims 4 adds new items and a new ‘Wedding Venue’ lot type in anticipation of the My Wedding Stories expansion pack’s release.

The latest update, which is available now, includes Create a Sim (CAS) items such as a Bindi, a full body swimsuit for toddlers and French tip nails. In addition to these new items, several older items will now be available with additional colour swatches.

Meanwhile, the latest update will also add a new relationship option in CAS. From the very start, players will be able to create a Sim that is already engaged by selecting the fiancée option.

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For those with a love of music, new songs have been added to the Sims’ World station. This includes the song featured in the My Wedding Stories trailer, which can now be found on the Romance station.

While adding items to builds, in either a standard lot or the new Wedding Venue lot option, players will find that items such as the base game’s wedding arches and the Pergola now come with more colours.

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In addition to all of the above, the latest update for The Sims 4 will also address some bug fixes.

With this update, male celebrity sims will no longer use the feminine walking or jogging walk style unless that’s what you prefer them to do, there will be an improved performance when switching from Live to Build Mode in certain cases, children should have the matching eye colours of their parents now if both parents have purple or red eyes, and more.

Previous expansion packs will also see some fixes across the board. For example, in Cottage Living, the “Grim Reaper will now possess the emotional fortitude to deal with the death of two animals at the same time”.

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