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Gift ideas for the Zelda fan in your life

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Nintendo Games &  See: The Legend of Zelda Edition, Club Mochi's Toon Link Plushie from Wind Waker, First 4 Figures' Majora's Mask Statue, PowerEye's Nintendo Switch Case Featuring a Lineal Enemy, a 3D-Printed Goron Succulent Planter from TheBearandWolfStudio on Etsy, A music box that plays Song of the Storm by PhoenixAppeal on Etsy, and a master sword creation kit from the BuildingBot store.
Graphic: Will Joel/Play Gamez | Source Images: Nintendo; Club Cobbler; first 4 figures; PowerA; The Bear & Wolf Studio / ATC; PhoenixAppeal/ATC; buildingbot store
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All the best toys, accessories, games, and more

The Legend of Zelda franchise includes some of the best-loved video games ever made. You’re certainly not alone if you can’t get enough of their great gameplay, memorable music, and their many memorable characters (tears of the kingdom can’t come soon enough). Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to replicate your fandom with apparel, fun accessories and toys, soundtracks, and more.

That’s why we created this catalog to bring you the most unique and fun Zelda gear out there. We hope you find something great for the Zelda fan in your life (even if that fan is you). We will update this page from time to time based on product availability and new releases.

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