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Here's a first teaser trailer for Amy Hennig's new Captain America and Black Panther game

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As promised, Disney has shared a first official tease for Amy Hennig’s now marginally less mysterious Marvel project – although solid details, including a name, still remain elusive.

Announced last October, few official details have so-far been shared about the project – currently in development at Skydance New Media, the studio Hennig set up in 2019 – beyond the fact it’ll be a “narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure” set in the Marvel universe.

And while solid details are still hard to come by, today’s teaser trailer does appear to confirm rumours circling yesterday – understood to be true by Eurogamer – that Hennig’s game would be set in WW2, and see Captain America and Black Panther battling the forces of Hydra.

Skydance New Media/Marvel Games – Official Teaser Trailer.
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The music, period detail, and artwork included in today’s new teaser trailer all very much support that, with war-time Paris putting in an appearance, alongside a glimpse of Wakanda.

Interestingly too, while Captain America and Black Panther do indeed feature toward the end of the teaser, two more heroes complete a line-up of four described as ‘king, captain, soldier, and spy’. Throw in the closing caption, “Four heroes. Two worlds. One war.” and it’s easy to surmise we might be looking at some sort of four-player co-op experience.

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Eagle-eyed Marvel fans might find a few additional easter eggs in the teaser to mull over, but that’s it as far as official details currently go. Hopefully Hennig and co. will be ready to share more – a title at the very least – soon.

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