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Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe guide

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fake universe Huerta’s invention that sends you into a maze of battle scenarios Honkai: Star Rail, You will get rewards for participating, which reset every week on monday,

The easiest comparison we can make is that the simulated universe is a simplified version of Honkai Impact 3rdof Elysium Realm, a Roguelite mode that requires you to choose paths and buffs.

there are six worlds To clarify, that is unlocked when you progress through the story and beat the worlds that came before it.

How to get rewards in Simulated Universe

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Simulated Universe is a prime place to get planar region And link rope Relics, as you’ll find them as rewards from killing bosses and elite monsters. We started getting these relics as rewards during our run in World 3.

The gist of it is explained in the game as you go and find more stuff (Huerta is very good at explaining things step by step). However, in case you skipped all of his dialogue, here’s a gameplay explainer:

  • Every room you enter will either have enemies or an event. Some rooms may have both.
  • Every time you defeat an enemy, you’ll be able to select one of three buffs that appear. These enthusiasts remain in that era of the world only. Buffers can be upgraded using in-universe currency.

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Three different buff options in Honkai: The Simulated Universe of Star Rail.  They

Image: Hoyverse via Play Gamez

  • Events can give you buffs, in-universe currency, or other rewards. Not all events are profitable.
  • You’ll also occasionally find Curios, which are buffs that are permanent within the Simulated Universe.
  • Once you clear a room of events or enemies, you can proceed through a door to a new room. Sometimes there are multiple doors, so you can choose where to go.
  • You will get information about what is waiting for you in the next rooms, as the doors are labeled as “combat” (enemy), “elite” (difficult enemy), “boss” or “event” (event) Will be done. ,

Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail in the Simulated Universe standing in front of red and blue portals

Image: Hoyverse via Play Gamez

  • In the Simulated Universe, you cannot heal using food.
  • As you do through the simulated universe, you’ll gain Ability Points, which you can put into a skill tree that only applies within that universe.
  • If your party dies in the simulated universe, you’ll have to start over in that world.

You’ll want to make sure to play the Simulated Universe every week to get the mandatory Stellar Z and nice rewards. Choose the buffs that best suit your party and smash as many enemies as you can. (For example, if you’re not playing a character that can freeze enemies, you probably shouldn’t choose buffs that deal more damage to frozen characters.)

Of course, defeating tougher and higher level enemies may require more power, as you won’t be able to easily overcome a level 50 boss when you’re only level 30. Don’t worry if you can’t beat all the simulated universes in one go; You shouldn’t be able to do this.

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