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How to find the Peng treasure in Dead Space

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As players work their way to USG Ishimura dead Space remake, they’re going to see one name popping up a lot: Peng. On posters, on stickers, and in graffiti, it seems that Ye Peng is the one everyone is talking about. I’m so tired of hearing how wonderful Peng is. Overrated! While I can’t tell you who or what Peng is, I can tell you how to find the Peng treasure dead Space Remake to unlock “There’s Always Peng!” Trophy / Achievement.

Good news for players who have started playing dead Space But this game’s penge treasure hasn’t been found (there’s one in every installment of Dead Space) yet it’s just that it’s a very late-game discovery, and it’s relatively easy to acquire. It’s right on the critical path.

peng treasure spot

The Peng treasure can be found in Chapter 11, “Alternate Solution”, when Isaac is tasked with moving the marker which requires him to engage a cargo crane. after entering cargo bay in hangar-cargo-tram control, take the cargo lift down one floor. (You’ll pass through this area long enough, but not before you pick up the Kinesis Module, so you can’t access the locker.)

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Dead Space Isaac is looking at a locker with Peng stickers in a room full of crates.  There is a poster of Peng on the wall.

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Look at the locker covered with peng stickers.
Image: Motive Studio / Electronic Arts via Play Gamez

You’ll need to kill an Exploder Necromorph first, but immediately to Isaac’s left will be a small group of lockers partially hidden by some Kinesis crates and a corpse. The Peng treasure is inside the leftmost locker. It is very easy to spot as there are at least five peng stickers affixed to it.

Here is its location on the map:

Dead Space RIG HUD showing the map location of the locker.

Map location of the locker inside the Peng treasure.
Image: Motive Studio / Electronic Arts via Play Gamez

What does Peng treasure? Nothing. But like collectible semiconductors, you can sell it at one of USG Ishimura’s store kiosks, which will make you a nice profit. 30,000 credits, The real treasure is crossing this special collectible off your to-do (and achievements or trophies) list.

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