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How WWE’s ‘WarGames’ finally made it into a video game after 35 years

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When it launched on March 17, WWE 2K23The showpiece feature should be what pro wrestling fans have been clamoring for in forums and threads for years: WarGames.

The version of the wrestling match – involving two teams grappling side-by-side in two rings, ringed by a chain-link cage – has a 35-year history, and was for a time banned from the main WWE promotions. was appearing. But once WarGames debuts at Survivor Series in November, it assures that brand of mayhem will finally come to WWE’s video games as well.

Lynell Jinks, creative director of visual concepts for WWE 2K, said of being approached by WarGames, “It scared us.” But, Jinks said, the team was preparing for the possibility. The widely acclaimed, remastered fighter engine the studio was built for wwe 2k22 – which helped the series recover from the disastrous 2K20 – Was developed with wargames in mind.

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“When we rebuilt the engine 2K22 We were like, ‘Okay, let’s talk about… traversal, let’s talk about the things we want to be able to do one day,'” Jinks said. “So we built everything with that in mind.”

in war game wwe 2k23 One match type would be between teams of three or four (at Survivor Series, it was five). The arena itself has been used since November, and has also been used by WWE’s up-and-comers NXT series since 2017. Jinx said some out-of-ring area wwe 2k22 were somewhat of a test bed for what WWE Superstars would need to do in a future WarGames match – things that “were impossible to do in our previous engine.”

Those things: “Oh my God, I have to put two cages in the crowd; Then there’s, like, a timer, and these guys come out, and there’s the entrance,” Jinx said. “And, there’s two rings, side by side, surrounded by a cage; and you can climb over the cage and you can bring weapons in, and I’m just like, ‘Oh my god…’

Around this time, Jinx said, he “hinted the bat” to bring back Brian Williams, a longtime wrestling game developer who had worked on WWE games since the THQ days 20 years earlier. Williams was most recently with UK, which supported the development of WWE 2K until 2019; He returned to Visual Concepts as gameplay producer. Number one reason he came back: Wargames.

“The day before, I saw a build, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, you guys, we’re doing it!'” Williams said. “And it was in such good condition early.”

This isn’t to suggest that WarGames match types will be the only significant change fans will notice. Even after last year’s overhaul, changes are coming to the core gameplay. The wrestlers’ stamina and pin minigames will be revamped, Jinx said, though both are responsive to community feedback on the systems in last year’s game. Either way, Jinx swears “It’s too hard for me to play 2K22 Without all the stuff we’ve added this year,” he said. “It’s more balanced, in a realistic way, not slow.”

In the game’s immersive mode, online multiplayer will take place in the card-collecting-based MyFaction mode; It wasn’t present last year, disappointing some fans, but it at least indicated that Visual Concepts was serious about making something people would want to play, rather than just slapping on a microtransaction vehicle. Jinx pointed to MyFaction as a way to bring the Superstars’ latest ring attire into the game. But pitting your stable against another player’s collection was a first for that mode.

MyGM, a single-season mode that debuted last year, will get more of just about everything, Jinks said. “We added two more GMs [to play as]you can have up to four playable GMs at the same time, on co-op, and more match types, more seasons,” Jinks said. That’s good to hear; I thought that in concept wwe 2k22 was solid, but limited in the variety it offered. Still, it won’t have online multiplayer, which Jinx described as a difficult but necessary decision for this year.

wwe 2k23 Launches on March 17 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The two special editions will give players a three-day head start, with access starting March 14. 13-time WWE Championship winner John Cena is on the cover; He also appeared on the cover of WWE 2K15,

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