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Humble Bundle is offering a literal dragon’s hoard of Pathfinder books for just $5

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Not only does the proceeds from your Humble Bundle purchase go to publisher Paizo, which has locked legal horns with D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast, but a portion has also been set aside to benefit the Code for America Foundation. Code for America helps apply for community-level digital services such as food stamps and other public benefits.

While Wizards of the Coast has since abandoned its efforts to replace the Open Gaming License (OGL), the framework used by stitcher and other TTRPGs, the legal turmoil has prompted longtime fans of the D&D system to seek alternatives. second edition stitcher Rule-Set and its sci-fi offshoot starfinder Both are excellent systems that we can definitely recommend for their more refined tabletop feel and interesting origins.

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Any of the tier bundles on offer are great for those looking to break into stitcher system, but it’s worth noting that these are exclusively virtual goods, meaning that if you’re planning on using a bunch of flip mats or character tokens for your next campaign you’ll need to look to external printing resources like DriveThruRPG. have to search for

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pathfinder humble bundle

Prices taken at the time of publication.

Humble Bundle is currently offering everything you need to kickstart your own Pathfinder campaign, with a collection of bestiaries, rulebooks, character sheets, and One Shot campaigns starting at $4.99.

With just a $5 minimum donation, you get PDFs of stitcher product, gives you everything you need to spin up your own characters and dive into the big world stitcher,

If you’re willing to donate at least $15, you’ll get everything from the previous level plus the following PDF to add a little extra flavor to your campaign.

However, the best value is the 28-item bundle, which includes everything from the previous levels and the following additional items if you make a minimum donation of $25. a small price to pay for comprehensive stitcher GM Experience.

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