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I’m going to use Steam’s useful, new Notes app with every game

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Most Steam app updates aren’t all that interesting, but Valve’s new beta for the Steam client on PC has added a feature that I can’t stop swooning over. This is a new Notes app, a simple rich text editor to write some notes.

But it’s a little more than that. It’s an overlay that can hover over your in-game window (with adjustable opacity), so your to-do list is always within view if you so desire. It can store new notes on a per-game basis, and better yet, those notes are synced to the PC you’re logged into, even when you’re in offline mode.

To turn it on, press the Shift and Tab keys simultaneously while in-game, then find it along with the new taskbar at the bottom of the interface that pops up. Then, press the thumbtack icon in the top right of the Notes app to pin it to the desired location on your screen.

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The video game Elden Ring is shown.  A character is in a dimly lit cave, but the focus of the image is on Steam's new Notes app, which lets the user write down a to-do item and place it on the game window.

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Valve’s example for how the notes can be used in Elden Ring is about as blatant as you’d expect.
Image: Valve, Bandai Namco Entertainment, From Software

Paper and pen may still win out for you, especially for games that require you to work out solutions to puzzles. But this is what I need for most of the games I play. This would be great for when I need to remember which secure code was written in blood on the wall the last of us part 1 on PC. Or, to remind me how many items I need to upgrade a tier in a skill tree so I don’t have to flip through the game’s user interface for the hundredth time. Now, there’s an easy place to find it later.

It can be possible In fact Useful in games that have a day and night cycle, such as stardew valleyor recently released to sprinkle, where some quests can only be obtained at certain times of the day. I really don’t think I could play another Persona game without this Notes feature helping me remind myself what relationships or activities I need to prioritize.

The new Steam update lets you pin even more stuff to your game window, including game guides written by Steam users, discussion forums for each game, or a full web browser so you can watch videos while you play. If you want to enroll in the Steam beta, here are some instructions for doing so.

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