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Incredible Tears of the Kingdom hat gives Link a pink bob and dark lipstick

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Link is serving up a lot more than Bokoblins on a platter. The hero of Hyrule, as it turns out, kills in an elaborate mushroom hat made by Hateno Village fashion designer Cece. She gives Link the hat as a reward for helping with the village election, and it ends better than expected.

Putting the hat on Link’s head gives him a short pink bowl cut, with bangs that cover his eyes; It also pairs dark lipstick. It looks incredible, and I intend to defeat Ganon and save Princess Zelda while wearing it. It is giving runway. This is giving Sia. This Hyrule Sephora is giving away the princess.

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Dramatic pose of Link wearing a Sis hat in Tears of the Kingdom

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Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Play Gamez

Cece is a Hateno native who has brought fashion to the area by opening a small shop to sell her designs. You can’t see it in Hateno Village—it’s the shop with a giant bust wearing a mushroom cap as a sign. Sis’s hat, as it’s called tears of the kingdom, is the culmination of his design philosophy. This is the piece she’ll send down the runway as her finale.

You can get Seis’s hat in Hateno Village by completing the full series of the Mayor’s Election: “A New Signature Meal,” “A Letter to Koyin,” “Seis’s Secret,” “Reede’s Secret,” and Team Seis or Team Reade?” The reward is worth the effort. Once all those quests are finished, go to Seis’ shop in Hateno Village and talk to the lady outside. The election will begin when the weather clears, And when it’s all over, head back to the shop to collect your reward from Sis.

The painful thing about the cap is that it actually costs Rs 600, which is a ton. If you decide to sell it, though, you don’t understand fashion. There is no other advantage to wearing a cap other than being an icon. I would recommend pairing it with the Charged Armor set, which is a great little one on its own. Nintendo may have taken the Gerudo outfit away from us, but at least we have it.

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