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Lego’s new Pac-Man arcade set makes the old new again

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Pac-Man’s battle royale game may be discontinued, but the legacy of the circular yellow dot-chomper lives on — now in Lego form.

Lego announced Monday that Pac-Man will be getting the brick treatment in a new arcade set. The build emulates a classic arcade machine, complete with Pac-Man’s classic maze, a joystick, and a coin slot (but don’t worry: no actual quarters are needed to enjoy). The set comes with a miniature statuary of the ’80s gamer who dominated the arcade, and a larger set of Pac-Man, Blinky and Clyde to adorn the cabinet. A crank on the machine would also let builders simulate gameplay.

With upcoming sets covered, Lego is no stranger to nostalgia plays batman returns, Indiana Jones movies, and the king of side-scrolling himself, Mario, but Pac-Man is an interesting twist on the set format – a loving ode to both the Pac-Man character and design as well as the arcade experience. Fans of Lego’s recent Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 2600 redux will jump on this one.

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Close up of Lego Pac-Man's Joystick

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Close up on the Lego Gamer Diorama with Mini Pac-Man Arcade

pac-man lego set behind cabinet

Photos: Lego

“We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to bring classic gaming experiences to life,” Lego designer Sven Franik said in a news release. “Our team of talented designers worked tirelessly to capture the essence of the beloved PAC-MAN arcade machine, from PAC-MAN himself to the living brick form of colorful, maze-like environments. Every detail was carefully considered and crafted, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Lego creation that captures the magic of the original game while adding a playful new twist and a couple of Easter eggs – in true video game style. We are thrilled to share this incredible creation with the world and can’t wait for fans of all ages to see the joy it brings.

Lego timed its announcement for the game’s 43rd anniversary; pac man (or Puck Man as it was known) was first released on May 22, 1980 by Namco (now Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.). Years later, the little guy is still recognizable to new generations of gamers, even if they aren’t meeting him and his wife Pac-Mom (née Ms. Pac-Man) at local pizza shops. Times change, but Pac-Man remains.

Lego’s Pac-Man Arcade Set retails for $269.99. VIP Early Access will be available on the set starting June 1, with general preorders opening June 4.

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