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Looks like new Resident Evil content is coming to Dead By Daylight

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It looks like Dead By Daylight has more Resident Evil content on the way.

Whilst not formally confirmed by either developer Behaviour Interactive nor Resident Evil rights holder, Capcom, credible DBD leaker DBDLeaks has shared some very convincing assets, including images of the icons, outfits, charms, dialogue lines, and character biographies for Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong.

Let’s Play Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition – JUSTICE FOR BAAAAARB!

Wesker – called “The Mastermind” – will be a playable Killer, and you’ll be able to jump into the shoes of Ada and Rebecca as Survivors. While their perks are apparently yet to be finalised, DBDLeaks has shared what they say are Wesker’s perks: Superior Anatomy, Awakened Awareness, and Terminus, which collectively allow Wesker to vault faster, see the auras of other Survivors whilst carrying one, and cause Survivors to be “permanently Broken when the exit gates are open”.

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If that’s not enough to sate your appetite, you can even get an early listen to Wesker’s audio files, too.

As always, all of this needs to be taken with the proverbial bucketful of salt before official parties confirm – or deny – the rumours. Either way, here’s hoping we get official word about the crossover, codenamed “Project W”, sooner rather than later.

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It may also interest you to know that the leaker also recently reported that Stranger Things will also be “coming back” to the asymmetric horror game, too.

Behaviour Interactive recently introduced major changes to Dead by Daylight when it overhauled its progression and perks system.

The aim was to shake up the current “meta” and re-balance the game, forcing players to consider new tactics and strategies. They came into effect in the mid-chapter update for Chapter 24: Roots of Dread.

The biggest change comes to the progression system, specifically with Prestige that resets the level of a character to increase the chances of unlocking rarer nodes in the Bloodweb.

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