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Mario fans are worried Super Mario Bros. Wonder will bring back the worst guy

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The unveiling of a brand new side-scrolling Super Mario game by Nintendo on Wednesday was great news. Finally, a new (not) New) Super Mario Bros. in 2D is full of adventure, new power-ups, new enemies and a new land to explore – the Flower Kingdom. but its first trailer super mario bros wonder Fans are also concerned about the possible return of Prince Haru, one of the most hated characters in the Mario franchise.

Haru makes his first (and only) appearance Super Mario Bros. – The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach1986 animated film based on the events of Super Mario Bros. Very, very loosely. At the end of that film, Haru – who has been cursed, turned into a Wiggler-esque dog, and assists Mario and Luigi in their mission – reveals himself to be the “prince of the neighboring Flower Kingdom” and Princess Peach’s fiancé. Is.

Mario, infatuated with the princess after rescuing her from Bowser’s clutches, is heartbroken when he learns of Haru’s existence and learns that she is Peach’s fiancé. Anyway, Mario and Luigi (and Toad, Daisy, Yoshi, and Peach) are on their way to the Flower Kingdom. WonderWhich could mean the imminent return of Haru, a man people hate.

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Why do Mario fans hate Prince Haru? Well, look at Mario’s face after Prince Haru reveals himself to be Peach’s future husband – something that Haru didn’t tell Mario while trapped in the body of a creature called the Kibidango (or Dumpling Dog). this is man Suffering,

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In a scene in Super Mario Bros., Mario cries and says,

If you like that, I say, “Go for it.”
Image: Grouper Productions/Nintendo via Femboy Films

While the Flower Kingdom only exists super mario bros wonder This isn’t proof of Prince Haru’s return, there’s another component to it. From here is Dumpling Dog (aka Prince Haru) great mission to save princess peach,

Kibidango (aka Dumpling Dog) stands in a mushroom field in a scene from Super Mario Bros. - The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach

Image: Grouper Productions/Nintendo via Femboy Films

And here’s this mysterious little wiggler boy – who’s watching a little too royal for comfort – Moving around Mario and Luigi in artwork super mario bros wonder,

In the artwork for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Luigi is floating while holding a giant green Luigi hat, with a smiling caterpillar-like creature on his back.

Can it be trusted?
Image: Nintendo

Are they connected? Probably not. Does this in any way ease fans’ fears that Prince Haru might return in Nintendo’s unprecedentedly brutal move? No, fans are right to worry about who is ruling the Flower Kingdom – and what this means for Sarasaland, which is ruled by Princess Daisy, and is authentically made up of four kingdoms: Birabuto. Kingdom, Muda Kingdom, Easton Kingdom and Chai Kingdom. With the return of Haru, a challenger to Daisy’s throne would also become popular among Mario fans.

If you want to cultivate for yourself a healthy hatred of Prince Haru, you can watch Super Mario Bros. – The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach Remastered with love in 4K for free on YouTube or the Internet Archive.

super mario bros wonder Will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 20th. hoping for the best.

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