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Nintendo Would Like to Release More Films Following Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

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Nintendo and Illumination are working together on a Super Mario Bros. animated movie, which will it theaters in North America on December 21, 2022.

Nintendo following its policy briefing for the earnings report answered some questions asked by investors, which was attended by Japan-based analyst and investment adviser David Gibson.

Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about the Super Mario Bros. animated movie and if there were plans to make more movies.

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Miyamoto says the Super Mario Bros. animated movie is pretty much done as the team is working on the last bit. He has a very good feeling about it and is working to polish it before it releases.

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He would like to release movies and more based on other Nintendo IPs with a plan to go one by one and not to do multiple at the same time.

Chris Pratt has been cast to play protagonist Mario, with Charlie Day playing Luigi. Anya Taylor-Joy will play Peach and Jack Black will play Bowser.

A: Would like to roll out with other IPs for movies etc, people should experience IP in variety of wats. But going one by one, not say doing many IP movies at same time. – Miyamoto answered.

— David Gibson (@gibbogame) November 5, 2021

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