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Nintendo’s summer sale is here, knocking 60% off select Switch titles

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Several stellar games are currently discounted for the Nintendo Switch. I’m not talking closeout prices, but this is Nintendo we’re talking about; Depending on the game, sometimes a $20 discount can be as good as it’s going to get. Humble, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy are each selling the same batch of digital downloads at great prices (up to 60% off) until June 26. There are some first-party games, such as metroid dreadand there are other indies, like cult of the lambBut we love them just the same.

You’ll find quite a bit of overlap in terms of what each retailer is offering, but there are some titles that you’ll only find at specific retailers. For example, Olympian Roguelike Hades available only at Target, and adventure Time-flavored skater, OliOli WorldExclusive to Amazon.

Some of my personal favorites that you can find on sale include slapstick, swashbuckling adventure games, return to monkey islandand attractive cel-shaded zelda-like, tunic, Plus, I don’t know how Atlas was able to fit all that teen angst persona 5 royal On Nintendo Switch, but that’s also on sale.

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bear and breakfast a cartoon bear standing outside a building wearing a hat

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a screenshot from bear and breakfast
Image: Gummy Cat/Armor Games Studio

The player character leaves Chikori's house in Chikori: A Colorful Tale.

A screenshot from Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Image: Greg Lobanov / Finji

  • cult of the lamb – $16.24 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • daemon x machina – $41.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • dark souls remastered , $19.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • Dead Cells: Medley of Pain Bundle – $31.99 (Humble)
  • enter the gun – $5.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses – $41.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • Hades – (Target)

Hades Guide: How To Fix

a screenshot from Hades
Image: Supergiant Games via Play Gamez

  • have a good death – $19.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – $41.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • it takes two – $29.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope – $29.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)
  • metroid dread – $41.99 (Amazon, Humble, Target)

Samus Aron encounters an EMMI robot in Metroid Dread

screenshot taken from metroid dread
Image: Nintendo, MercurySteam/Nintendo

A skate crew standing in the OlliOlli World Level

a screenshot from OliOli World
Image: Roll7/Private Division

Lechak reading a map from Return to Monkey Island.  He's dressed like a pirate and you can see his desk lit by a candle as he writes.

a screenshot from return to monkey island
Image: Devolver Digital

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