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Overwatch 2 is going full-on D&D mode for its next season

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overwatch 2, having just discovered its own version of Star Wars with Season 4’s Starwatch mode, is heading to the fantasy for Season 5, with a new Battle Pass that plays like the Dungeons & Dragons campaign and new modes Like a magical take on Prop Hunt called Mischief and Magic. Of course, the expected hero skins — some paid, some free — are coming to Season 5. overwatch 2 There are also fantasy themes, with Lucio appearing as a bard, Orisa re-imagined as a griffon, and Zanyata dressed as a sorcerer.

Blizzard Entertainment revealed on Monday that Season 5’s Battle Pass will be somewhat different than in the past overwatch 2 season’s. We already know that this season’s Mythic Skin, Adventurer Tracer, will be out in three phases at Level 80 of the Battle Pass as opposed to all at once. Season 5’s Battle Pass is designed like a tabletop role-playing game campaign called Questwatch.

“Tracer, along with his trusty companion Gr-Ifon Orisa, sets out to explore the magical kingdom of Overland to become a Knight,” Blizzard said in a blog post on Monday. “They will meet both friends and foes as they look to save Queen Amelie and her kingdom from the terror of the demon Lord Reinhardt. As you unlock tiers in the Season 5 Battle Pass, you can join them in their role-playing adventure Will also unlock new chapters.

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As players progress through that adventure (and battle pass), they’ll unlock cosmetics like Slime Queen Iko, Royal Guard Genji, and Demon Lord Reinhardt, some of which you can see in the gallery below. Are.

Season 5 will also introduce the first ever Creator-Made Game Mode overwatch 2, says Blizzard. Called “Defeat the Demon Lord”, the mode pits a team of four heroes against Demon Lord Reinhardt in a 1v4 team deathmatch brawl. It joins Mischief and Magic Mode in Season 5, which launches on July 25. By playing 5v5 elimination mode, players will be able to unlock an epic skin for Ana and earn 50,000 Battle Pass XP.

On the non-fantasy front, summer games return overwatch 2 with a twist. Yep, Lucioball is back, joined by a new sport: Winston Beach Volleyball. There will be Summer Games-themed event challenges that will unlock a tropical-themed Doomfist skin and 50,000 Battle Pass XP. Blizzard is also teasing a new summer skin for Mercy “that will definitely make a splash.” Hmm….

overwatch 2 Season 5 will also see the return of the previous game’s “On Fire” system, as shown several times in the above trailer. There are also balance changes coming with Junker Queen and one-shot-kill heroes Cassidy, Hanzo, and Widowmaker. Lifeweaver will also get a boost as previously mentioned by game director Aaron Keller.

When does overwatch 2 season 5 start?

Blizzard will launch a new season overwatch 2 on Tuesday, June 13. Players can expect Season 5 to go live at approximately 11am PDT/2pm EDT. i.e. Monday 12th June is the last full day overwatch 2 Season 4, so if you have any seasonal challenges or battle pass levels left to complete, now is the time.

Here’s a Look at Everything Coming overwatch 2 Season 5, in visual roadmap form:

A graphic for the Overwatch 2 Season 5 roadmap, showcasing new skins, limited-time events, and new and returning features.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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