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Overwatch 2 story missions will cost $15 for ‘permanent access,’ Blizzard says

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overwatch 2The new Season 5 begins Tuesday, June 13, bringing with it a vaguely Dungeons & Dragons-esque theme for the hero shooter’s Battle Pass and the return of the Summer Games event. the season after that, season 6 overwatch 2, promises to be huge, bringing the long-awaited story missions back to the game for the first time in 2019. Blizzard outlined its plans and prices on Monday overwatch 2 The story mission, which will be part of a season called Invasion.

Story missions, which are different from the recently canceled Hero missions overwatch 2, “Permanent access” will cost $15, says Blizzard. This will give access to three missions set up in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and Gothenburg (an unreleased map location). Blizzard plans to sell overwatch 2: Assault story missions accessible as part of a bundle that also includes 1,000 Overwatch Coins (the game’s premium currency), and a new Sojourn legendary skin. That bundle will also include access to Sojourn as a hero for players who don’t already have him.

But it looks like even players who don’t pay will have access to story missions, at least for a while. They’re meant to be played as a team, naturally, and trying to match or otherwise fill a five-player team with only players who’ve paid up seems incredibly inconvenient. Blizzard Has Reached Out To Clarify Those Players Who Didn’t Pay overwatch 2K story missions will get temporary access.

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For players who prefer to pay more, there is a separate bundle: The overwatch 2: Ultimate Assault Bundle, which costs $40. This includes the original Invasion Bundle, plus:

  • Null Sector Premium Battle Pass, 20 Battle Passes with Level Skip
  • Additional 1,000 Overwatch Coins for a total of 2,000 Overwatch Coins
  • Two additional Legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko

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overwatch 2 india map location

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

season 6 overwatch 2The game, as teased at the Xbox Game Showcase on Sunday, will also include a new game mode called Flashpoint, which appears to be inspired by Call of Duty’s HQ Pro mode. Blizzard says, “Teams will fight for control of key positions in a map called ‘Flashpoints’, with the goal being to capture three of them before their opponents. Once a point is captured you have the rest.” won’t have time to do, as the next one will already be waiting. Flashpoint will launch with two maps – one of which is set in India – that will”overwatch 2Biggest PvP map ever.”

overwatch 2The next support-class hero, an unnamed female who appears to wield a huge sword-gun, is also arriving in Season 6. Here’s what Blizzard has revealed about him so far:

Overwatch 2's 38th protagonist, a young woman with a large sword/rifle, leaps into the sky and is backlit by the sun

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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