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Overwatch 2 wants your views on its store and microtransactions

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Blizzard is seemingly polling Overwatch 2 players to get their views on the game’s Battle Pass and in-game store.

That’s according to u/FelineXJunkie, who posted on the game’s subreddit community reporting that they’d received an email from Blizzard, inviting them to feedback on their experiences with the game so far, touching “heavily” on the shooter’s in-game store and battle pass.

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“I got an email from Blizzard requesting that I fill out a survey. It heavily touched on topics regarding the Battle Pass and the Overwatch Store,” they wrote. “If you haven’t already, be sure to fill it out. I really hope this is a first step towards change.”

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“I got it and filled it out,” replied another commenter. “I tried to be critical but honest since I was worried they’d toss responses that were ‘too angry’. Hopefully this signals they’re willing to adjust things but I have no idea at this point. The handling of this game has been disappointing (to say the least) so far.”

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It also seems as though Blizzard is targeting different groups of players for different things. For instance, u/Kevombat says they were contacted because they’d purchased the Watchpoint Pack, whilst TheGamer reports that players who’ve resisted the urge to buy additional packs and skins have also been invited to give their views.

Right now it seems as though the surveys are going out to specific players, but if you’ve been playing Overwatch 2 and would like to feedback, keep an eye out in your inbox.

Blizzard insists it’s “working to improve” moderation in Overwatch 2 following a backlash against a “sexual harassment simulator” custom game. The free-to-play multiplayer game includes custom game modes that can be freely named, but some words seemingly aren’t prevented by Blizzard’s word filters.

Overwatch 2 has been plagued by problems since launch, from controversial SMS verification, to DDoS attacks, and an auto-purchase bug.

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