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Phantom Blade Zero was the surprise mystery hit of Sony’s PlayStation Showcase

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Of the 25 trailers shown during Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase, it seems the one fans were talking about the most the next morning was also the most different. Its Phantom blade ZeroIt is difficult to describe even the kitchen-sink from S-Game, and its style / style / features.

We’ll do our best to bring you up to speed in this intriguing adventure, which introduces minimalist players to stylish, sword and melee combat in a world based on feudal China.

What is Phantom Blade Zero?

This is an action role-playing game that will delight fans of recent action role-playing games such as ghost of tsushima, Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceAnd That Long: Fallen DynastyEspecially when they share themes from Asian culture.

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But phantom blade zero Layer on lots of your own lore with an amazing mix of martial arts and steampunk. “Become a Dark Raider exiled by ‘The Order’, embark on a path of vengeance, and uncover Wulin’s darkest secrets!” Its official YouTube listing says.

A PlayStation Blog post by S-Game founder Soulframe Liang following the showcase stated, “The ‘Phantom World’, the universe in which the game is set, is a universe where a variety of powers coexist. You’ll find Chinese kungfu, complex machines reminiscent of steampunk, magical arts, and intriguing stuff that doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories.

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The player-protagonist, called Soul, is an assassin framed for the murder of the leader of The Order. After being mortally wounded, Sol’s life is saved by a magical healer, but only for 66 days. Hence, it’s a race against time through the game’s narrative to defeat The Order’s enemies and bring those responsible to justice.

As for the game’s visual presentation, Liang said, “The dark/bleak visual style that you’ll see a lot in the game is a deliberate decision. A bleak world makes the characters with hearts of gold really stand out.”

Otherwise, S-Game’s website is silent, except for things like teasers and screenshots. A good place to look for more is a newly created subreddit, where fans have picked out parts of the trailer and highlighted what they think phantom blade zero Will deliver whenever it launches.

Is Phantom Blade Zero a Soul-like game?

This is a question a lot of fans are asking when looking at the comparison seek And those peoplebut liang says phantom blade zero It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Soulslike game.

“We’re huge fans of the hack and slash genre,” Liang said. “What’s more popular today are ‘strategic action games’, such as SoulsLikes and Monster Hunter. They choose to take things down a notch or two, giving players more time for strategic thinking.

“But that approach doesn’t convey the kind of action fest we have in mind,” Liang said, “namely, the flashy, breathtaking moves in kungfu movies in the 1990s.”

Who is S-Game, the developer of Phantom Blade Zero?

S-Game is a studio based in Beijing. phantom blade zero (And executioners) appears to be its first Western release.

If this is Phantom Blade Zero, is there another Phantom Blade game?

Also the developer of S-Game Phantom Blade: Executioner, a side-scrolling “dark kungfupunk action game” for Android, iOS and Windows PC. That game has been playable in several closed beta tests and is listed as “coming soon” on Steam.

can see the gameplay of Phantom Blade: Executioner Down for a taste of the S-Game’s 2D action chops.

Liang said that the Phantom Blade canon was largely included in the games his studio launched on mobile devices in China, and not in the West. The Phantom Blade series evolved from another game called Rainblood: Town of DeathAn indie game developed by Liang at RPG Maker and released in 2010.

When is the release date of Phantom Blade Zero?

There isn’t one in the game yet. Wednesday’s trailer was the first anyone heard phantom blade zeroAnd the trailer didn’t reveal the launch date or time.

Is Phantom Blade Zero a PlayStation exclusive?

The game’s official website lists PlayStation 5, Steam and the Epic Games Store as platforms, so yes, it appears to be a console-exclusive title for PlayStation.

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