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Pokemon Go leader counters for Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff

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pokemon go The infamous Team Rocket has its own version, called team go rocket, In this pokemon Go guide, we’ll break down how to find Rocket Leaders and take them down.

Below, we list their parties and the strategies that are dominant. February 2023As part of the Team Go Rocket Takeover event which activated as part of the “Cracking Voltage” event.

How to find Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo in Pokémon Go

The members of Team Go Rocket can be found hot air balloon fly over you or mess up, black pokestops, Every time you beat one, you get one mystery ingredient, after meeting you 6 mysterious ingredients, they will combine into one rocket radar, which allows you to find a random leader. The three leaders are Sierra, Arlo and Cliff.

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Some timed research and Team Go Rocket special research tasks require you to defeat all three leaders. You will be rewarded for completing the Team Go Rocket Special Research super rocket radar, allows you to find Boss Giovanni. Defeating Giovanni will give you the Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

Team Go Rocket leader Sierra counters

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A woman in a white uniform with the Team Rocket logo stands in the middle of a data screen

Image: Niantic

Sierra may have the following:

  • beldum (steel/psychic)
  • Sharpedo (water/dark)
    lapras (water ice)
    flygon (ground/dragon)
  • houndoom (Fierce Fire)
    Alakazam (Mental)
    Shiftry (grass/dark)

Depending on what they have in their party, we recommend using a Ghost-, Dark-, or Fighting-type Pokémon. Sierra’s part is the most potentially diverse of the three, which makes her hard to match up with specific Pokémon types. If you know what she’s using, you may need a different type of Pokémon for each of her.

We recommend using the following, but be sure to pay attention to what Sierra is using, as they are not effective against all of its available alternatives:

  • Machamp With counter and dynamic punch
  • hydrogen with bite and brutal swing
  • Darkrai with snarl and dark pulse
  • Chandelier with hex and shadow ball
  • gengar with lick and shadow ball

Team Go Rocket leader Arlo Counter

Team Rocket leader Arlo stands in the purple fog, ready for battle.

Image: Niantic

Arlo may contain the following:

  • Nidoran (poison)
  • Crobet (Poison/Flight)
    Steelix (steel/ground)
    Madness (rock/grass)
  • Charizard (fire Flight)
    scissor (bug/steel)
    armaldo (rock/bug)

Most of Arlo’s party is weak against water- or fire-type moves, which we recommend using. You can try the following, but keep in mind the advantages of the types and swap accordingly:

  • Kyogre with waterfall and surf
  • swamp With water gun and hydro cannon
  • kingler With Bubbles and Crabmers
  • Reshma With Fire Fang and Fusion Flare
  • Charizard with fire spin and blast burn

Team Go Rocket leader Cliff Counter

Team Rocket's rock stands in purple smog, ready to throw a Poké Ball

Image: Niantic

Cliff can use any of the following:

  • magnemite (electric/steel)
  • Venusaur (grass/poison)
    omastar (rock/water)
    Pinsir (worm)
  • Sharpedo (water/dark)
    oppressor (rock/dark)
    camrupt (fire / ground)

Cliff’s team is significantly vulnerable to either fire-, grass-, or water-type moves. You can use a lot of the counters we’ve suggested against them against the other two leaders, but again, you’ll need to check their party to make sure your counters line up, as they have a fairly diverse party. Might be possible.

We recommend using any of the following:

  • Kyogre with waterfall and surf
  • swamp With water gun and hydro cannon
  • Reshma With Fire Fang and Fusion Flare
  • Charizard with fire spin and blast burn
  • Venusaur with razor leaf and madder plant
  • totera with razor leaf and madder plant

team go rocket leader tips

If you’re struggling against the leaders, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • They will use their shield on the first two charge attacks you use. Using a Pokémon that can charge quickly and use a Charge Attack will help you get rid of their shields, allowing you to damage them freely.
  • You must first be prepared for the Pokémon you use to knock out. If you use a Pokémon that gets through shield easily, that’s fine, but your other Pokémon will need decent type advantages to defeat any remaining Pokémon.
  • Remember, you can attempt to battle multiple times using a rocket radar, so you can line up your strongest Pokémon just to see what the leader is carrying. If you beat them on the first try, great! If not, you can swap out your party for some sort of effective counters.
  • Team leaders tend to have higher CP Pokémon, so you should definitely use the highest CP Pokémon if you’re struggling.
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