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Pokémon Go Tour returns, with in-person portion planned

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Some details currently Unown.

Pokémon Go’s hugely-popular ticketed Kanto Tour will be replicated next year with a new event dedicated to Johto, home of Pokémon Gold and Silver.

As with last year, two versions of the Pokémon Go Tour ticket will be offered – with Gold and Silver options featuring slightly different pools of Pokémon to catch and trade with friends.

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The event will see all remaining Johto Pokémon become available in their Shiny versions, offer another chance to catch the Mythical Celebi, a new event questline and subsequent Masterwork Research, a bundle of raid passes, plus numerous other items and bonuses.

All of this will take place on Saturday 26th February 2022, and the ticket is now available to purchase for £10/$12.

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Additionally, a separate event day will be held on Sunday 27th February with in-person experiences at “a few select cities” around the world. Exactly where these will be, what will be offered and how much a ticket might cost is yet to be announced.

We expect at least one of these in-person locations is planned to be based on the UK – but we’ll see how this pans out.

Pokémon Go tested a return to in-person events back at this summer’s Go Fest, with pop-up locations in a few cities and parks. The game then finally managed to re-run its postponed in-person 2020 Safari Zone events – including the attendance of 20,000 fans at one held in Liverpool.

Last year’s Kanto Tour “featured a frankly exhausting array of things to collect and do”, I wrote last February. “Reaction to it from fans has been positive – with many calling it the game’s best event in recent times.” The format also generated huge revenues for Niantic – so it’s no surprise to see it return again.

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