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Pokémon-with-guns game Palworld delayed to 2024, here’s more of its violence

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palworldThe game that dares to ask “What if Pokémon could carry guns, and you fought giant Pokémon like in a Monster Hunter game, and oh, do you want Link’s paraglider?” breath of the wild, too?”, will not be out this year as previously planned. instead, expect palworld To hit Steam Early Access in January 2024, developer PocketPair announced on Thursday.

delay of palworld Along came a new trailer for the open-world creature-collecting game. That trailer showed off different types of Pals — the game’s version of Pokémon — accompanying the player on their journey, being generally cute, wielding assault rifles, and battling each other in frenzied firefights. Players would ride on the backs of pals over land, sea and sky. They would raise them, put them to work, even kill them for food. Game Freak will never be the same!

palworldThe latest trailer also shows off some of the evil but charming human opponents that players will have to face, PocketPair’s equivalent of Pokémon trainers. palworld They are also called trainers! Some of the bigger, more explosive battles seem to be against the high-level sails handled by these guys. To shoot them down would require guns or missile launchers and a well trained sail.

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palworld Pocketpair will be playable in single or multiplayer for up to eight players. The developer promises online battles, so you can live out your Pokémon battle fantasies.

When palworld Launching next year, it will attempt to fulfill the wishes of many longtime Pokémon fans, combining fantasy creature raising and evolution with online multiplayer on PC. whether palworldWhether the kitchen-sink approach to targeting the older, PC-gaming Pokémon crowd will be successful, but we’ll find out in January.

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