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Save on Dead Space, Hitman, and more during Epic Games Store’s spring sale

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The Epic Games Store has launched a Spring Sale just a few weeks after Steam wrapped its wraps. The sale claims to offer up to 75% off, although the price cuts on most games are much less. The prices will be effective from 20 April at 11 am local time.

We’ll list a handful of our favorites below, but we’re starting with the most affordable. Dying Light: Enhanced Edition Free until April 13th, and it’s a free gift. Spending time in this open world, parkour-enhanced zombie FPS game is a great way to use up a few dozen hours, either alone or with friends playing co-op.

Here are some other picks we came across in the sale, some of which are repeats from the Steam Spring Sale.

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EA’s earlier remake dead Space Not just a next-gen upgrade with an up-rased texture. sure, graphics Are Great, but the sound design improvements and additional accessibility options make it worth playing, whether you’ve mastered the original or are coming for the first time. It’s usually $59.99, but you can get it for $47.99.

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Agent 47 at Hitman's Mendoza Winery location

hitman world of assassination

hitman 3 recently made hitman world of assassination, The name change was a bit confusing, but it makes more sense that IO Interactive covers all maps from now on hitman, hitman 2And hitman 3 in one package. Plus, there’s the new (and very fun) Freelancer mode, which has gotten many of us back in the game. Normally $69.99, this is $34.99.

Wild Hearts A giant mallet is about to strike a mutated giant squirrel

Image: Omega Force / Koei Tecmo / Electronic Arts

you can dive wild heartKoei Tecmo’s Opinion monster Hunter formula (with dashes death stranding), with a nice discount attached. The game makes fighting big bosses an engaging experience, thanks to the many tools and traps at your disposal. For those who buy it, we have a bunch of useful wild heart Guides to get you started. Normally $69.99, this is $55.99.

Zagreus in the Pit of Tartarus in Hades

Image: MegaMonster Games

You may feel like you’ve got it all Hades Have to present in your first few minutes. Then, suddenly, dozens of hours will have passed, each one filled with clever writing and difficult gameplay that’s becoming more nuanced and fun. It normally costs $24.99, and is an insta-buy for $12.49.

Cuckoo clock on wooden wall.  at the top of the screen it says

Image: Daniel Mullins Games / Devolver Digital

as little as you know inscription The earlier you play it, the better. It’s tempting to say that Inscription is a deck-building game at its core, but in reality, it’s a series of cleverly delivered unexpected left turns that will have you as invested in the metafictional story as in the gameplay. We loved it enough to award it the Game of the Year award in 2021. Normally $19.99, it’s another insta-buy at $11.99.

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