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Silent Hill: Townfall is a new entry to the series from Stories Untold developer No Code

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As part of tonight’s Silent Hill: Transmission stream, a new project called Silent Hill: Townfall was announced.

Not much has been revealed about the game, other than a mysterious trailer featuring a man talking over a walkie-talkie. “Why are you here?” he asks. “Here to be punished… That’s good I like it. I think we’ve done something so awful that we are stuck here in this place being judged by these… people,” he continues.

The trailer ends with some frames of a man wearing glasses, before cutting to the logo of the game.

Silent Hill: Townfall reveal trailer.
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Townfall is being developed by No Code, the Glasgow-based developer of Stories Untold and Observation, with Annapurna Interactive as publisher. Jon McKellan, creative director at No Code, said Townfall “respects the source material, but also does something a little bit different with it”.

McKellan stated more information about Townfall will be coming in the new year.

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The man shown at the end of the trailer. Who is he?

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