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Sleek sci-fi RTS Chaotic Era arrives on early access for PC and Mac

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chaotic eraOne of the most anticipated indie titles of 2021, released on Thursday for PC and Macintosh. The first title from Toronto-based developer Bobby Technology, the game is described as an “atmospheric strategy game inspired by classic science fiction”, following a crew of human colonists in the late 28th century who find themselves on a war-torn solar system. run away from the system. Stranded on a hostile alien world.

To survive, players must build bases, allocate energy reserves to maintain life support, build weapons and defenses, explore the planet, and fend off its hostile inhabitants. The game features a procedurally generated solar system, allowing players to explore new environments filled with unique enemies and challenges to interact with. The game is currently in Early Access, with additional updates and content to be released later throughout the year.

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A colored overlay of an abstract representation of home base with square reticles and statistics in the upper left corner.

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Image: Bobby Technology

the main thing that immediately differentiates chaotic era The game has a distinctive art style apart from its sci-fi RTS contemporaries; A minimalist latticework of sleek wire-frames, pulsating topographic texture maps, and white hot explosions. Chaotic Era’s UI design takes cues from in-universe computer graphics from science-fiction movies foreign, blade RunnerAnd total RecallTaking inspiration from that abstract yet distinct aesthetic and translating it into an interface that’s as pleasing to look at as it is gratifying to manipulate.

Having had a little time to play with it myself, the game at once feels like a combination of a resource management RTS in the vein of Introversion Software. darwinia and combat ritual entertainment Dawn of War series, and an aesthetic sibling to experimental games like the 2017 mobile space exploration game verreciel,

chaotic era Available for purchase on Itch.io on PC and Mac for $4.99 USD and is due for release on Steam, iOS and Android later this year.

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