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Sonic Origins team "listening" and fixing "variety of issues"

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The bug-laden Sonic Origins will be improved, Sega has assured fans.

In a statement posted to Twitter last night, a Sega community manager stated that the publisher had heard fan feedback and was working on various fixes.

“Hey! Thanks for the patience!” Sega wrote. “The team’s been listening and is working on fixing a variety of issues right now.
We’ll make sure to get some more official messaging out once we have more info for everyone.”

The controversial Sonic Origins.
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Launched last month to a lukewarm response, Sonic Oranges was criticised for its various technical issues.

Simon “Stealth” Thomley, of Sonic Origins developer Headcannon, even took to Twitter to accuse Sega of introducing “wild bugs” into the game not present when the game code was handed over for publishing.

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“Integration introduced some wild bugs that conventional logic would have one believe were our responsibility – a lot of them aren’t,” he claimed.

Whoever’s fault it was, the issues remain.

“Glitches and a steep price make for a tough sell,” Digital Foundry’s John Linneman wrote in his Sonic Origins tech review, flagging issues with image quality and typos, as well as bugs that see characters get stuck and run off the stage to their deaths.

“Really, it feels like Sega needs to slow down a little – the last three retro re-releases have all shipped with technical issues that should have been fixed before launch,” John continued. “They risk burning their customers with products like this and I hope they begin to realise it before it’s too late.”

One thing which won’t be changed, however, is the issues fans have with the compilation’s Sonic 3 soundtrack. It replaces the original with new arrangements from composer Jun Senoue – likely due to the fact Michael Jackson originally wrote music for the game, as confirmed in a bombshell series of tweets by Sonic creator Yuji Naka.

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