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Spider-Man 2’s Venom isn’t Eddie Brock — so who is he?

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Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most valuable allies in many Marvel stories, but he always has to play the villain first. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2The sequel to the 2018 web-slinger game and its 2020 spinoff, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, setting up the classic battle between his Spider-Man and Venom. But when Insomniac Games creative director Brian Intihar confirmed that the highly anticipated sequel would be coming to PlayStation 5 this October, he teased that the identity of Venom in the game could remain a mystery until players discover it for themselves. .

it came as a shock marvel’s spider man Fans heavily hinted at who would take on the symbiote in the sequel, as the first game’s finale. With the very limited amount of information we have, we wanted to gather all the facts and do some good old fashioned Daily Bugle checking. who is poison Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Let’s see if we can figure it out.

who is not poison

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Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

During Summer Game Fest, Intihar revealed to host Geoff Keighley that the most famous of Venom — journalist, meathead, and Peter Parker, Eddie Brock’s lifelong rival — won’t be inside the symbiote this time around. This Is One Of The Few Things We Know For Sure About Venom Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Keighley asked if one of the Osbornes was Venom, but Intihar only confirmed that Brock was out of the running (which we’ll revisit next).

Who else do we know isn’t poison? Well, most of the non-male characters are probably out too. The reveal showed some artwork of Venom – whose suit/skin, like Spider-Man’s, should be very familiar to comic fans – and the character looks traditionally masculine. We also heard him speaking in a manly voice in the previous trailer of the game. When the venom symbiote (or any symbiote) uses a female body as a host, the combined body usually takes on more *cough* stereotypically feminine features (eg, Michelle Williams in the first poison movie).

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Collector's Edition comes complete with giant Venom statue

Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Who else? Good: Neither Miles nor Peter are Venom. It may seem obvious, but anything is possible with Peter wearing the symbiote suit at some point in the game. However, both the artwork shown during the show and the pre-order statue for the game depicted Venom fighting Spider-Man in his classic suit. Could that be Peter or Miles under the mask? it’s possible! But at that point we are talking about some marketing fraud, and not worth getting into.

Finally, Intihar has another interesting tidbit about Venom Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which Insomniac is looking to tell an “origin story” something fans haven’t seen in the movies or comics. It’s a surprisingly loaded statement if you take it literally, as almost every notable Marvel character, hero and villain has worn a symbiote at some point in comics history. But before we go any further, I don’t think we can take this as literally as it sounds, or that poison has crept in spider man 2 There will be someone who has never worn the moniker in any Spider-Man fiction. Instead it seems like it would be outlandish or unusual for mainstream fans. We’ve already seen two live-action Eddie Brock Venoms, so maybe he’s out of the running.

Is Harry Osborn Poison?

Harry Osborn – Peter’s childhood friend and the mayor’s son, Norman – is the perfect candidate for Venom. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Or, at the very least, Harry is what Insomniac players want. Thinking There will be poison.

At the end of marvel’s spider man, it is revealed that Harry (who was “out of the country” for the entire game) was actually in a bacta tank hidden in Norman’s apartment. Harry is sick with the same disease that killed his mother, and Norman goes to any lengths to make sure he recovers. It appears to be related to the special medical symbiote, and we see Harry bound between black, gooey webs in the tank.

This is a very obvious and hard-to-ignore annoyance. and when Venom appeared in one of the first trailers Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, most fans (myself included) of the first game assumed it was Harry. But Intihar’s reluctance to confirm or deny Osborn Venom makes things a little trickier. Isn’t it really Harry? Or is Insomniac trying to sow seeds of doubt to reveal in the game? It’s impossible to say for sure, but Harry seems like the obvious host for Venom in this universe.

Is Norman Osborne Venom?

Prior to the announcement of Insomniac’s release date, Norman would have been second only to Harry on the “Who Is Venom” charts. But with Intihar being so bashful, Norman has actually moved up in the rankings. Giving Norman the symbiote – and then potentially letting Harry take on the role of the classic Green Goblin in a different game – could be the right mix of familiar and different (some Insomniac caught someone in the first game) that the studio is going for. .

Norman is also well positioned to be the host of Venom based on Tees, so fans won’t feel like he’s being brought back in 2018. I mean, Venom (presumably, it could be a different symbiote) is currently alive In Norman’s apartment. and Norman regularly visits his dying son. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched that Norman’s recklessness and ambition could get the better of him during a late-night visit.

Is Kraven Poison?

Peter Parker web-zips in Kraven the Hunter while Miles Morales snaps at someone in the background

Image: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Kraven the Hunter is one of the big bad guys Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and will likely be the threat that causes Peter to first debut his classic Symbiote suit. But could Kraven also be Venom?

Venom is usually too muscular even in the hands of smaller men (no offense to Tom Hardy, but he’s only 5-foot-9, and Venom is massive in those movies), but Kraven has the first Since then there are shoulders for this. It’s also relatively easy to imagine a world where Kraven is defeated by Spider-Man’s symbiote suit and then dons one of his own to gain an advantage against his prey.

One of the few things that goes against this theory is that Kraven usually keeps his weird lion vest on when he holds the symbiote, and the Venom we see in the art is a very classic, vest-less Venom. Is.

Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk is a short-lived heel in both marvel’s spider man And miles morales, In the first game, Peter puts the big man in jail for the first 30 minutes of gameplay. and in miles morales, Miles stops some shady deals the kingpin is trying to make from behind bars. If Fisk gets out of prison in the sequel, he already has a bone to pick with every Spider-Man in this universe. And, crucially, he knows he will lose to Peter if he tries to fight him again without a significant increase in power.

There are two minor problems with the Kingpin running the Venom suit Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, The first is that it looks a lot bigger than Miles and Peter in the Venom artwork, but that Kingpin isn’t that big. The Kingpin would actually need to shrink a bit to fit into the symbiote’s body, which doesn’t sound improbable, but seems improbable.

Still, Fisk fits “unique” better here than any other candidate, so it’s worth keeping an eye on him as a hail-mary choice.

Is it someone else?

In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, J.J.  JK Simmons looking angry as Jonah Jameson.

Image: Sony Pictures

New York is a huge city, so even if we ban male Spider-Verse characters for Venom, there are almost infinite options.

One of the Sinister Six from the previous game? Sure! How about the other most famous Venom, who didn’t even appear in the first game Flash Thompson? Why not!

There are characters that appeared in the first game that could have moved over to Venom relatively easily. And then there are lots of “normal friends” that haven’t appeared in the games yet that can also be Venomized.

Personally, I hope we see Darrin De Paul’s J.J. Will watch Jonah Jameson take down the symbiote, if only because I’d love to see a cigar between those big ol’ teeth.

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