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Street Fighter 6 set to be series' most accessible yet

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Street Fighter 6 will include an array of sound options to improve accessibility.

Players of the game’s closed beta last weekend explored the options menu and discovered some great features intended to make the game more accessible.

That includes adjusting the volume of various sound effects and adding a “distance to opponent” sound.

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The latter was shared by Twitter user kurominah, with a beeping sound raising and lowering pitch depending on how far away the player is from their opponent.

The volume of this sound can be altered, along with hit sounds, clothing sounds, footstep sounds, attack sounds and more.

There’s also a sound indicator for high, medium, and low attacks, making it easier for players to recognise different attacks, as well as a vitality notification and a drive gauge notification.

The options can be seen in this video from Twitter user REMless.

Accessibility features are becoming far more widely implemented in games, so it’s great to see Capcom leading the charge for the fighting game community.

In its recent Accessibility Showcase, Xbox revealed how it’s making it easier for developers to get feedback on their games from disabled players.

Street Fighter 6 is also set to have a diverse character creator, although players have already taken it to the extreme.

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