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Tales of Symphonia fans disappointed remake is 30fps

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We learned this week that brilliant GameCube role-playing game Tales of Symphonia was getting a re-release on modern consoles – but fans have now expressed disappointment at the fact it will run at a locked 30fps.

The detail, listed on the game’s new Japanese website, has raised eyebrows since Symphonia on GameCube was presented in largely 60fps (with 30fps only for the world map).

Instead, this new remaster features a blanket 1080p 30fps across all three platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tales of Symphonia.
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Fans believe the issue here may stem from the fact that the version of Symphonia being updated for these remasters is not the GameCube original, but the subsequent PS2 port which had a smattering of extra content included – and which was also locked to 30fps.

Writing on Twitter, our Digital Foundry’s John Linneman described the PS2 version of the game as having been “poor” for the platform even at the time.

The suggestion this re-release was being treated as a remaster had set expectations higher – especially as the RPG will be playable via forwards compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Eurogamer has contacted Tales of Symphonia publisher Bandai Namco for more.

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