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Tears of the Kingdom is great, but Breath of the Wild still deserves its acclaim

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a great game, and after playing it thoroughly, you might be tempted to say it’s invalid The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Why play through the first iteration of this special Hyrule when there’s this new Remix Edition? You have many of the same landmarks, characters, and enemies, but tears Provides the ability to create more villains, dungeons, sky islands, and giant war machines.

To this I ask: why should we fight two strong queens? Both of these games are superior to other existing ones, and tears of the kingdom It wouldn’t be as good if I hadn’t spent so much time on it breath of the wild,

i raised tears of the kingdom At launch, it was determined that not even a shred of FOMO would be experienced. But I dropped out of the game stumbling across the tutorial islands. By the time I got to Lookout Landing, I could see a whole world to go around there, but I didn’t have much desire. The Ultrahand felt weird and awkward, it was strange that everyone was so happy to see me when I had no idea who they were, and my greatest accomplishment was connecting one stick with another.

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Link gazes at his Zonai arm in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

so i went back breath of the wild, After only a few hours, I had finished my homework, and I could go straight back tears, i originally played breath of the wild The game almost halved at launch, after all; I had done my time. Instead, I found myself thrilled. I stuck around, killed all four Celestial Beasts, completed the Master Trials, and found a giant horse. then i came back tears of the kingdomAnd I really enjoyed it.

You might think that this has caused me to indulge in Zelda. breath-ing, but instead of jumping tears I felt like graduation. I got to see all my friends grow up, have families or achieve big goals. Arriving at Lookout Landing felt like a true homecoming, and I was glad to meet characters like Pura and Sidon again. Too bad to lose the Master Sword during the dramatic opening – I spent hours running tests to power up that waste!

I’m not even participating in that Korok torture – none for me, thanks! Look, not only am I a morally superior person, but I also remember the good koroks of the Lost Woods who sold supplies and let me stay in their little Tree Inn for free.

Each game is capable of standing on its own. Zelda’s emotional journey captured in Link’s memories breath of the wild, is a complete arc. There’s no “to be continued” or cliffhangers. Similarly, tears of the kingdom Its story is told through flashbacks focused on Hyrule’s distant past. Despite everything being the same, each title feels like its own experience.

Zelda cries in the rain when she sees Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

It’s also interesting to see how Nintendo has tweaked the same familiar locations with only a few minor changes. The Great Plateau went from a tutorial area to a dangerous land filled with Yiga ninjas and Gloom Hands. Hateno Village is now a booming fashion capital, and Hyrule Castle is floating in the skies of danger.

breath of the wild This is of course a simpler and more concise look at the formula, and tears of the kingdom Makes a great impression on him. But simple isn’t bad either; Instead, I can see myself playing both games for years to come. i grew up playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a game where Link travels between two different time periods. jump in between breath of the wild And tears of the kingdom It seems to be the same, and I don’t think the old Hyrule is obsolete because of the new one.

over time, as tears of the kingdom Once the lineup settles and the players have had time to digest all the ups and downs of this, I think we’ll probably see guys coming up in defense breath of the wild, There’s a Simplicity That Really Shines tears of the kingdom Might sound a bit strange in comparison. Zonai equipment offers great power, but the many currencies and upgrades can make the game a bit jarring.

no need to toss breath of the wild in the dustbin; tears of the kingdom It’s a great experience, but it doesn’t invalidate its predecessor. Playing them both is a great experience, and I can’t imagine a world where tears of the kingdom can be so ambitious if breath of the wild had not cleared any such path through its own masterful design.

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