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The Division Heartland puts a survival twist into Ubisoft’s loot-shooter format

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Tom Clancy’s The Division HeartlandThe next chapter in Ubisoft’s seven-year-old loot-shooter franchise brings to the fictional flyover town of Silver Creek the struggle to rebuild from a devastating pandemic. Away from the recognizable streets, buildings and monuments of New York and Washington, players will face ever-changing contamination, new survival obligations and a deadly nighttime cycle that appears to be an alternative to the earlier Dark Zone. two games.

Developer Red Storm Entertainment revealed its first details Division Heartland Ubisoft cooked up the franchise during a “The Division Day” roundup video on Thursday. No launch date or time was given, but fans are invited to register deep chaseThe next playtest has kicked off, which will happen sometime this summer. First announced in May 2021, Division Heartland The free-to-play game will be out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

narratively speaking, Division Heartland Begins with the player helping a new NPC, Agent Mackenzie Reed, establish her base of operations (inside a roller-skating rink) to bring law and order back to Silver Lake. It will end up as the game’s hub world, where players start and end their mission cycles, collect any loot, and team up with others in the game to form co-operative teams and take on their next task. .

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Players must pack a “go bag” containing more than weapons in order to make it through a shift. Division Heartland Will force the players to deal with dehydration and sickness in a way they didn’t in the last two games. In addition to making sure they have water, or can at least find it, players will need to equip a rapidly depleting breathing filter if they venture into contaminated territory, whose limits are always changing.

at lunchtime, deep chase Players can choose from three classes to make their character unique: Weapons Specialist, Medic, or Survivalist, all of which come with different perks. Survivors can, for example, see loot containers behind walls. They’ll still have to deal with hostile rogue agents, including a new big bad named Killian Tower, who has rejected the strategic Homeland Division and is sowing chaos among the competing gangs that threaten Silver Creek.

Ubisoft’s “The Division Day” preview wasn’t limited to just deep chase, Thursday’s video also revealed Descent, which is arriving in a rogue-lite mode Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 this summer. The Descent is primarily a training simulation, where agents drop off whatever gear they’ve acquired and work with loadouts and special gear that the game randomly selects. They then advance through a series of rooms, facing hazards of increasing difficulty.

Lineage Doesn’t Need $29.99 Warlords of New York Expansion, which launched in 2020. Anyone who has the base game can play it, whether solo or on a multiplayer team. Descent’s launch date will come along division 2 The beginning of Year 5 Season 1, titled “Broken Wings”. Ubisoft said it would launch in early June. pc copy players division 2 You can preview Descent on the game’s public test servers starting Friday. division 2The content roadmap for Year 5 is below:

The content roadmap in the 5th year following the release of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, broken down into four seasons.

Image: Ubisoft

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