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The Funko Pop video game’s first trailer is a descent into pop culture madness

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Funko Pop figures, the ubiquitous bobblehead collectibles that have decimated the plastic toy competition through sheer volume, are getting their own video game. funko fusion would bring together pop culture properties like jurassic world, back to the future, Umbrella Academy, Talk, child’s play 2, masters of the universeAnd dropping out In a singular experience early next year.

first trailer for funko fusion Shows how unique a prospect this is. Sitting alongside family-friendly fare like He-Man and Marty McFly traveling back to 1985 are the chaotic carnage of dinosaurs eating Funko Pop people and John Carpenter’s Norris Monster by Dr. Talk, It’s a bit deeper on the formula of toy-based games like TT Games’ licensed Lego titles or Disney InfinityBut what better vector to introduce kids to body horror?

team behind funko fusion 10:10 Games, which was founded by people from former TT Games. Based on the small snippets of gameplay seen in the trailer, it appears that Funko fans can expect an experience similar to efforts like Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter — recreations of familiar movie moments in pretty much toy form. . Players will “fight enemies, explore expansive environments and solve intriguing puzzles,” Funko and Universal Games said in a news release. Online multiplayer will let up to four players immerse themselves in the pop culture mashup.

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“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to show everyone what the team here at 10:10 Games is doing,” Arthur Parsons, design director and co-founder of 10:10 Games, said in a news release. “Using the incredible properties entrusted to us by Universal Games and our partners across digital platforms, bringing them together into a gaming experience that is incredibly fun, surprising, authentic, and celebrates fantasy like never before, All to be experienced through a Funko lens. ,

The developers promise “dozens of playable characters in Funko Pop! Forms from popular NBCUniversal stories” — including Universal’s slate of famous monsters — in addition to other unannounced properties.

funko fusion It is expected to release in 2024 on PC and unspecified consoles. Given the wide reach of the Funko brand, expect this to be on every console.

Funko has flirted with video game form before gears popA mobile real-time strategy game based on Microsoft’s Gears of War franchise. gears pop was released in 2019, and was discontinued in 2021. Funko also publishes tabletop games, many of which (surprisingly) are based on popular franchises including Fast & Furious, fool, ET the extra-terrestrialJurassic World, and Warrior,

Funko itself is a 25 year old company that started out making Big Boy banks and bobbleheads based on the Austin Powers and breakfast serial mascots. Over the past few decades, the company has licensed hundreds of characters from movies, TV, comic books, anime and video games, becoming a staple of pop culture stores like Hot Topic and GameStop. In 2019, an animated film based on the Funko Pop brand was announced by Warner Bros. and Funko.

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