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The looks that slayed hardest in Resident Evil 4, ranked

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Capcom’s Resident Evil series has always been focused on two things: being hot and surviving, in that order. OK, and rocket launchers, but they’re also pretty hot. since the beginning, since resident Evil In 1996, Capcom has outfitted nearly everyone – the good guys, the baddies, and hell, sometimes even the monsters – with costumes, accessories, poses, and glamor appropriate for a fashion show.

It’s only when gunshots, corpses, and monologues about world domination and viruses kick in that it becomes clear that the Resident Evil franchise Not there a fashion show. But you know what? inside outfit resident Evil 4And its 2023 remake, in particular, deserves a similar review.

[Ed. note: The following contains mild spoilers for Resident Evil 4.]

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Capcom wisely updated some of the character designs, including Ashley Graham’s, for the remake, and added some new, alternate costumes, but don’t worry: Leon’s classic jacket from 2005 is back, and it looks better than ever. We’ll get to that, but fair warning: it would be impossible to include a character every time (would it just be a playthrough of the whole game?). So, here are the best, most fashionable outfits and glam wear resident Evil 4 Remake, Ranked.

5. Regenerator (Iron Maiden)

Think about it. It’s dark. You are in a damp basement. Garbage bags are hanging from the ceiling. You Thinking You’re not supposed to stumble upon a lavish, fanciful display of fashion — but you’re definitely in the wrong.

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as you think, Oh disgusting, this juicy garbage bag is dripping sticky drops all over me, then it happens. The dustbin bag slides down, and a lumpy man slips right out. It’s hard to see up close, as these gray guys are monsters that will definitely try to kill you – an important tip if you’re ever in a room with one of them – but their presence is very impressive.

Once their glowing, magical hearts emerge, super-sharp spikes cover their entire bodies, and if you can manage to stay alive and avoid dying, it’s truly a fashion show. It’s honestly art. But be careful too, because after they die their spikes will shoot out everywhere, and their butt will fall out, and it will hurt when they hit you.

Two composite images of Leon Kennedy from RE4 make up this image, with a close-up of Leon aiming a gun on the left, and a full-body shot of Leon in a brown leather jacket on the right.

Image: Capcom

4. Leon and his classic jacket

“Not bad, is it?” and “You twisted son of a bitch” are both things Leon says when killing enemies, and yet both of these phrases seem like fitting descriptions for Leon’s classic, early-game fit. Although it’s sad that Leon’s coat was lost on the way to save Ashley Graham, it’s pretty easy to see why even a brainless Ganado stole it. It doesn’t matter who wears it, it’s a slaying. Capcom also allows players to correct the fashion legend after completing the game’s main campaign if they wish to keep Leon looking beautiful and comfortable in the castle.

An example image from the UI in RE4 has spider-like Plaga bursting from the back of a man wearing the Arana Vest.

Image: Capcom

3. Plaga Arana

versatile, For those who haven’t heard or don’t know, these giant spiders from hell go with scorpions Everything, The palace, the beach, a night out, or, umm, anywhere you want to make a statement. The long, crawling legs, the whisperers – it’s a whole lot of vivacity, but the fact that they resurrect the dead makes it one big kill (or should we say reverse kill?). It doesn’t matter how dead-out a room may feel or what some of the costumes may look like from previous seasons, because once Plaga Arena is on the scene, everyone is sure to move and scream.

A composite of two images from Resident Evil 4 showing Ashley Graham's teary face on the left, and a full body shot of her new outfit (brown jacket, skirt and blazer) on the right.

Image: Capcom

2. Ashley Graham and her cute brown blazer

Ashley Graham may have been on the run for her life, been held captive and spent most of her time near death resident Evil 4 remake, but that doesn’t stop her from looking beautiful in the midst of it all. Her orange, sleeveless top is in season. This is fashion. This is snow. But it is her adorable brown blazer that stole the show.

Ashley Graham’s original 2005 design worked (for gross players), so Capcom’s updated redesign isn’t just a wonder: It’s empowering. Ashley’s green miniskirt from the original game, which could not provide her with any level of comfort or protection (either from players or from the elements), has been changed to a skirt and a pair of tights, thereby avoiding misogyny. Can go and at the same time can bring warmth. And an outfit more appropriate for those autumn temperatures and rain.

Basically, Ashley’s skirt felt like it was being worn by everyone else in the room. Original RE4 Aware of this, the game also created dialogue for the slimeball players, who decided to look up Ashley’s skirt through a rifle scope while Leon stood on the lower ground. But in the remake, Ashley and Leon are both dressed in the best they can both feel, as they help each other survive. It all adds up to one of Capcom’s greatest successes RE4 Remake Runway.

One Of the eldest. but no biggest.

A Resident Evil 4 Remake cultist in red robes and a bull skull on his head

Image: Capcom via Play Gamez

1. Enthusiastic Employees

ok so he’s one of the hottest killers ever, forget it resident Evil 4, objectively. This archenemy appears and is justified Immediately Gets the party started and heads turn (heh). This man knows why he is there. He knows that his main purpose is not to fight; It is meant to dazzle.

She is a drummer, dancer, singer and fashionista in this fight. He knows how to play his part. He knows he’s the one with the background – and so he makes it work perfectly. Clad in red tattered robes and armed with a mystical staff, this spirited leader is capable of all kinds of magic,

Once he starts chanting and singing, the people in the crowd lose their focus. Literally. All the other fanatics have their heads ripped off, the rotting, twisting parasites of Las Plagas bursting out through their necks. This murder turns the bad guy spirit up to 11, even causing Leon Kennedy to briefly wonder how wonderful the party has possibly turned out to be. It’s a shame you have to eliminate the entire room, but you can always leave out the archetypal leader and get maximum spooky vibes.

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