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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a little cheaper if you’re new to Vudu

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Every Saturday of the past month, we’re having fun reminding readers about the deals and notable sales they may have missed during the week. The weekly roundup continues today, and below we’re presenting the best gaming and entertainment deals, as well as the best-selling products on Play Gamez (hint: Zelda this, Zelda that).

Best Entertainment Deals This Week

This was one of the biggest stories of the week Super Mario Bros. movie Now available digitally to rent or own through a number of services such as Amazon, Apple and Vudu. Wow! The thing is, if you’re used to paying $5 (probably $10 max) for a movie rental, you might be surprised to hear that it’s $24.99 to rent this new movie, or $5 more to own it. It costs – no matter what picture resolution you prefer.

However, if you’re a new member who hasn’t used the service before, you can save a few dollars on Vudu. In fact, new members will save 15% on all purchases within your first month of using Vudu (limited to 10 transactions), as long as you use a credit card or PayPal account to pay. This lets you shave $4.50 off your cost of ownership. Super Mario brothers movie, or $3.75 off the rental cost. It’s not a knock-out deal, but at least it’s something.

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New members can avail 15% discount for up to 10 transactions for a month. View full terms here.

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Reservation dogs, like reservoir dogs, strut in a parking lot wearing suits.  (From FX on Hulu's Reservation Dogs.)

A still from Reservation Dogs, the FX show on Hulu produced by Taika Waititi and Sterling Harjo.
photo credit: FX on Hulu

There is such a thing as National Streaming Day. did you know Neither am I Anyway, Hulu is celebrating it with an offer that knocks the per month cost of the ad-supported plan from $7.99 to $2 flat for 3 months. If you’re new to Hulu, or if you’re a subscriber who canceled more than a month ago, you’ll be eligible to take advantage of this promotion.

If this sounds like you, sign up before the deal ends on May 27th at 2:59AM EDT / 11:59PM PDT.

(LR) Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood as featured in Yasuhiro Naito's 1998 manga Trigun Maximum.

Image: Yasuhiro Naito/Dark Horse Comics

trigun met new visitors with (including the author of this post). triple stampede, the gorgeous 3D CG anime adaptation hitting Hulu in early 2023. But for new or longtime fans of the manga, there was some good news this week: Dark Horse Comics is republishing Yasuhiro Naito’s acclaimed Trigun manga in a new hardcover that comes out December 5 for $38.80 (discounted from $49.99). . My colleague Toussaint Egan has you covered with more details.

This week’s best sellers on Play Gamez

Best gaming deals this week

in death stranding

A perfectly normal scene in Death Stranding.
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Kojima Productions / Play Gamez

The Epic Games Store recently launched its mega sale on PC games, and it’s surprisingly good. For starters, many sports are exempt (and death stranding is free until Thursday at 11:00 AM EDT). Better yet, many popular games are eligible for 25% off after adding them to your cart.

such a great game dead Space remake, which sank to $35.99, down from its already low $47.99 sale price. last of us Part – 1 Had a rough projection, but it might be worth buying now that it’s $44.99 instead of $60. Lastly, every purchase on the Epic Games Store will earn a 5% reward that you can use to offset the cost of future purchases.

A rainy street scene with Forza Horizon 5 playing on the Asus ROG Companion gaming handheld, lying on an olive green cloth, photographed from above

Photo: Chris Plante / Play Gamez

The Asus ROG Ally is the next big thing in portable gaming, promising better performance than the Steam Deck. However, as Chris Plant’s review points out, there are still some areas where Valve’s handheld PC comes out on top.

If you walk away convinced that you want a taste of the future, Best Buy is the only retailer offering pre-orders for the Asus ROG Companion. The $699.99 version with AMD’s Z1 Extreme processor will launch on June 13. Pre-orders for the $599.99 model with the slightly weaker processor will go live at a later date.

Ashley Williams wearing pink and white Marine armor in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Image: BioWare/Electronic Arts

On Steam, you can get the BioWare Mega Collection of games for $19.73 (normally $189.95). This is an impressive bundle, which includes Dragon Age: Origins ultimate Edition, dragon age 2 ultimate Edition, Dragon Age Inquiry Game of the Year Edition, mass Effect andromeda deluxe editionAnd mass Effect legendary version,

Promotional image of the Nintendo Switch Mario Choose One bundle showing its red and blue box, with an image of the Nintendo Switch on the front

Image: Nintendo of America

Need a new console? The Xbox Series X (and Series S), PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR 2, Nintendo Switch Select One bundle, and Meta Quest 2 VR headset each come with a free one-year subscription to GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro membership (new members only) Are. , a $14.99 value).

As for what you’ll get, it starts with a $10 credit that you can use to buy stuff from GameStop right away. Membership will entitle you to a $5 monthly credit to use on purchases (a total of $60 over the course of a year-long subscription), and you’ll receive the Game Informer physical magazine each month. That’s a really cool benefit, especially if you’re giving the console as a gift to someone who will inevitably want to buy more games.

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