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Tokyo Highway is a tense board game about building roads

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If You Could Design Your Own Highway System – Well, It Would Look Nothing Like the One You See tokyo highway,

This tabletop game, which is based on real privatized expressways in Japan, asks players to build their own roads out of sticks and pylons. For a modern board game, tokyo highway Looks gorgeously minimal, even bordering on simple, but the gameplay is surprisingly tense.

Instead of rewarding efficiency, the game awards you points for crossing an opponent’s highways. The result is a beautiful, tangled tangle of precarious roads trying to cross each other. And beware: this game is component-limited, and if you block an opponent’s path, you’ll have to rebuild it. And Repay them with your equivalent building materials. There is also a pair of tweezers for particularly intricate constructions.

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we play tokyo highway On the latest episode of our monthly tabletop show, Overboard. With trembling hands and hopeful hearts, our four-player mega-city came to life.

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tokyo highway

Prices taken at the time of publication.

A two- to four-player road-building board game where players carefully build winding, precarious roads while avoiding knocking down their opponents’ pieces.

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